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    new pc or cpu?

    I would say take a look at this video by eta prime, not sure if you have the same deals up there but you can get a ton of pc power on the cheap, and just drop in a modern gpu.
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    Help me understand AMD vs Intel differences

    I would say think of it like a dodge hellcat vs a corvette c8 you would think the 707 HP Hellcat would smoke the 485HP Corvette, but they are very close except in full stop 1/4 mile drag. I would suggest though looking for a used cheaper 5900x/5950x / 5800x3d upgrade though vs a new platform...
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    WTB: SATADOM, small NVMe or M2 SSD 32GB+

    Yeah I have nvme and 2x 128gb sata doms ... Sent pm
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    FS CPU, GPU, 2230 NVME M.2 ssds (great for steamdeck), HDDS

    It looks like the 2133 8gb ddr4 is dual rank 2rx8 from the label hope that helps.
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    FS CPU, GPU, 2230 NVME M.2 ssds (great for steamdeck), HDDS

    All PMS replied and thread adjusted.
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    HURRY - Micro Center - 12700K + ASUS TUF Z690 Combo - $350

    So what would you do if say have a b450 amd build.. any upside to z690 and 1270k vs an AMD 5800xt?
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    What video card for Plex?

    FYI here is a better chart comparing gpu
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    Microcenter: 5950X $499.99

    Haha yeah join the rebellion, or you know wait 2 weeks and see the AM5 stuff or 13 series Intel stuff and see if the price to performance balance changes.