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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Oooh that sucks man. Always a pain in the ass resetting ships like the carrack. Previous patch my A2 was loaded with my c8r, an ursa, a cyclone, and all gun racks filled, tons of ammo and med stuff in external storage. Only ship I wouldn't lend out lol
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    THat is awesome, sounds like a super fun fight. I've never had a module get popped yet, but I don't do much PvP at all. Issues I've been running into mainly is hull scraping is nerfed to shit, took me near 40 minutes to scrape a cutty black in my reclaimer... and I got 4 boxes. The other thing...
  3. R Refurb Seagate EXOS X14 ST14000NM0408 14TB 256MB 7200rpm 3.5" SATA 6Gb/s Enterprise HDD $97 per AC/FS + TAX

    I've got 2 8tb from GoHardDrive, HGST He drives. Been flawless in my NAS for about 6 months now.
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    3.20 been a bit of a shit show. Said they rushed it out to start work on the 3.20.x patches. Hopefully they come soon. Bringing a bunch of cool stuff
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    Banish the Noise: All the Enthusiast Power without the Fan/Pump Noise (sortof)

    Absolutely outstanding brother. That was my favorite thing that Linus had ever done. I always wanted to make all my PCs remote, but those $1400 cables are a bit killer, since the room I'd relocate to is a good bit away.
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    Marvel's Avengers is 90% off at $3.99, being de-listed on digital stores 9-30-23

    Grabbed a copy for me and one for the wife. If I get a few minutes of fun out of it it's worth $4. Thanks OP!
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    New Unity pricing

    I would like an update on how large Tim Sweeny's erection is. Has he had to call a Dr yet?
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    Build your next gaming PC from… Walmart?

    Tiny case of shit is tiny.
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    Chat message

    Having that thing trapped in my brain makes me wish we could embed music here. Misery loves company.
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    Chat message

    I have that album, I memorized the song phonetically
    Well at least I know who to blame now.
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    Chat message

    I don't know which one of you to blame, but I have the damn numa numa song stuck in my head.
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    Apple iPhone 15 Live Event "Wonderlust"

    I'm a huge PC nerd, but for some reason I don't give a fuck about phones. They're all the same black slab of bullshit. Sent from my PC while flipping off my Oneplus 8T.
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    WTB: Steam Deck

    Nighttime bumparooni
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    WTB: Steam Deck

    Looking for a steam deck. If it's a 64gb model I'd prefer it to be upgraded. Long story short my wife has to have spinal surgery October 11th, and I want to get her one so she can play while recovering. I can't afford one new from Valve, especially as I'm still waiting to find out what the...