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    Multi-monitor getting jacked up in Hyper-V

    Yea, in 3d settings if I recall correctly. Been a minute since I ran an nv card.
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    Multi-monitor getting jacked up in Hyper-V

    Nvidia card? Try surround view.
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    Looking to upgrade homelab

    What are you testing in the lab? If you're testing infrastructure deployment components and nesting hypervisors and ACI/Netbrain type stuff I would say as many smaller nodes as possible. If you're just pushing out gen purpose Wintel boxes or app labs, go raw horsepower.
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    Multi-monitor getting jacked up in Hyper-V

    Not sure if you're using Hyper-V. I can say using VMware workstation I regularly throw 6 monitors at it and haven't had any weird issues like this.
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    How many SSD drives have you purchased?

    Lol SSD's - That's our February purchases
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    iPhone 12 Won't Include Charger Or EarPods In Box

    No surprise, and its an expected move from apple. It won't discourage me from buying another iphone later, either. Its Google or Apple for OS choice, so picking between devils anyways - I just go with the one that works best for me.
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Geforce 3, because it was first "Flagship" gpu I owned. Was part of a small IT team, and we did a LOT of purchasing from Best Buy at the time to outfit the execs with LCD monitors and TV's for their offices. This was when an LCD monitor was ~$1000 and tvs were still a few grand. Asked the CEO...
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    Need Pirate TV - Here's My Credit Card

    Still waiting to download that car
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    Tommy Hilfiger XPLORE Clothes Will Track Your Location

    I mean, I could see the tech useful for inmates.... but voluntarily wearing clothes that track my location? Hard pass
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    GenMay SportsBox?

    It seemed like a different topic, kinda, from the content there.
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    Apple Plans to Use Its Own Chips in Macs from 2020, Replacing Intel

    Because that totally worked out for them in the past....
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    GenMay SportsBox?

    Would it be worthwhile to have a sort of sports sub-forum in GenMay? I see the Sports & Recreation under hobbies, but that doesn't seem to be much around following teams, and good ol' root for my team sort of place.
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    Samsung Galaxy S9 Finally Launched....Officially

    I'm planning on pawning it off when someone I know drops their phone :D
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    Samsung Galaxy S9 Finally Launched....Officially

    Wonder how many more ads will be seen with this "upgrade" Seriously, I tried going from Apple to an S8. The sheer amount of shekleing on that platform is god awful. Even beyond all of the ads, there were so many apps that had issues working with the "Edge" screen - I couldn't deal with it. It...
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    Sex Toys Are Being Mailed To Strangers, And Amazon Doesn't Know How

    Newly single? Don't limit yourself so much - dream BIG (NSFW)