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    diablo 3 beta??

    When it's ready;)
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    First game I should play after 4 years?

    Blackstone posted a pretty good list, I would add STALKER (never played Clear Sky, but I actually did enjoy the original), Fallout 3, and FEAR (I think it actually came out a little more than 4 years ago but it's worth recognition). To be honest though, If you get only one of the Crysis...
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    Potential RAM Issue.

    Tried them into a single channel config (slots 1 and 2 instead of 1 and 3) and no luck.
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    Potential RAM Issue.

    I decided to reformat today, after I botched a driver update for my GTX 260, and the fact that i has been awhile since I have reformatted. When I go to boot from my windows CD, I would recreate the partition and load the files, but when I went to load from my HDD for the first time, I would...
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    Far Cry 2 play without Disc ? Just thinking about something like that with regards to the person a few posts above, I put all of my CD keys onto a sheet of paper and all of my discs in it, no need to bring jewel cases. I know Steam released Far Cry2...
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    Far Cry 2 play without Disc ?

    Ever invest in a CD book?;) Is there a way to register your current Far Cry2 CD key onto Steam?
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    2009, a stomper year for gaming?

    I highly doubt Diablo3 will be out next year. If it will be buggy and incomplete.
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    FarCry 2 the most hated on game of the year?

    +1, I tried to like it so much, but unfortunately between where I was and liking it there was an outpost with constantly respawning enemies, then I died from malaria.
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    best console game you never played?

    Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past I had a lot of SNES games, that wasn't one of them:(
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    Saitek Eclipse III - Opinions?

    is that the Dinovo? My roommate had one of those Logitech laptop-key keyboards last year. It was really nice but cost more than my Eclipse and G5 combined:eek:
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    The Future of Mortal Kombat

    Speaking of Mortal Kombat, anyone play DC vs. MK? The site reviews said it was ok, but player reviews on the sites said it was pretty good. Regarding the movie, I rewatched it earlier this semester and I realized the exact same thing as's a pretty terrible movie(but fun to watch).
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    Complaints be damned, I really like GTA IV

    Maybe that's why most console gamers throw down 60 bones for their games;) Also, like the person above, definitely pick up the older GTA games, they are loads of fun.
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    4870 1gb or GTX260 216 core

    This, find one that comes with a game you want to play or extra features, maybe even factory OCed a bit while still keeping the price down.
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    Is any James Bond 007 game ever going to live up to Goldeneye?

    You could, aim for the neck and its a one shot.
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    Actually place your vote: Hard or Digital/Soft Copy of games

    For brand new games, I get them off STEAM for about 8 bucks cheaper (10% discount for preordering and then no tax). I can do without the manuals and stuff that's included in the box. Blizzard's online store is pretty convenient too actually, once you make an account you just upload all of...