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    Payday 2 $9.99 on Steam

    That's what I thought at first too. You'll be sorrrrrrrry. :)
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    Payday 2 $9.99 on Steam

    There's no single player mode. It exists, but doesn't actually have a function. No team AI, and you can't play solo.
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    Nexus 7 16gb (2nd gen) refurb - $139

    If you get the Nexus 7 make sure to get a protective case, I highly recommend the BobjGear Rugged Molded Case. I've had the Nexus 7 and that case for over a year now, and it has saved it from damage via dropping several times. Rugged indeed. The simplest cases are usually best. It also improves...
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    Payday 2 $9.99 on Steam

    It's classic MMO tactics: make the focus of the game grinding, achievements, and elitism instead of fun, that way players' time investment can be held hostage while you hold the monthly fee/DLC cows in place for milking. It works in the short term but it creates gigantaurific levels of hatred...
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    Payday 2 $9.99 on Steam

    game is completely broken, dlc whored to hell, and full of hacking. Stay far away.
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    Battlefield 3 Free "On the House" offer

    freebie forum
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    Crushing Blow for Copyright Trolls

    This particular case was so incredibly full of incompetence on the part of the copyright trolls that one almost has to wonder what in the hell they were thinking in the first place. Surely everyone here is familiar with Prenda by now? Here's hoping the legal precedent they've set lasts for...
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    Graphics problems with new game

    DX11 card required to launch the game (except some 10.1 ATI cards, apparently). Stupid, unrealistic, technically insane, I know. But factual.
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    FBI ‘Grappling’ With Hiring Policy About Smoking Weed

    Headline should read, "FBI grappling unsuccessfully with reality"
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    WII U 32gb $200

    I'm not buying any more Nintendo products until their hardware joins the 21st century and they rededicate themselves to making great video games aimed at people that love video games. Nintendo totally lost their way ever since Gamecube and if they don't find it soon I expect them to go...
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    Feds Got Nearly 300 Complaints About Bitcoin Miner Maker

    I saw this coming back when I did assessment on the feasibility of entering Bitcoin myself. Clearly a series of scams, butterfly is not the only one.
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    Prison Architect - Low as $10.19 (66% off) on Steam

    Because everything in PA is either broken or coming soon and has been broken or coming soon for years. PA is 2D and they've made a fortune on selling alphas of the game. There's no excuse.
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    Prison Architect - Low as $10.19 (66% off) on Steam

    Sarcasm accepted. Therefore, how can you support an overpriced game through years of development that has neither graphics nor gameplay, makes very little progress towards either, and consistently runs big sales to provide fresh capital?
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    PC Gamer - Hacks! An investigation into the $1M business of video game cheating

    Stuff I knew years ago and why I stopped playing online games, pretty much. It's actually much worse than the article makes it out to be. Much, much worse.
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    Prison Architect - Low as $10.19 (66% off) on Steam

    I'd rather not have anything available for purchase that is either: A) a misrepresentation, or B) a ripoff. This game is arguably both, because after years of development it doesn't look anywhere near what they originally promised, or even to be moving in the right direction. It's just...