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    PDXLan Nov 2-4

    Finally checked this, I'm at 8
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    PDXLan Nov 2-4

    Anyone else going? Two good buddies and I are going, table 8. First party in a while, as illustrated by the likelihood that I'll be borrowing a tower
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    The Lost Art of Lans

    I've been keeping up with this thread and I have a group that I always used to LAN with for about 4 years solid and our decline happened for many reasons. It's almost been a year since the last LAN. We had a series of events in about a years time that included several births, at least 1 divorce...
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    Scratch Project: Acronym (mITX XBMC HTPC)

    Not to sound like a dick, but I had this deja vu feeling looking at the rendering, and it reminds me of the Phantom Console. Fortunately, you have a media drive planned and you're not defrauding anyone. It looks like it will be pretty damn cool.
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    Adidas4275's new living room theater build

    Since I didn't see anyone ask, how old is your sister?
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    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

    Looks like the Z series they have at Target we got for my Parents for Christmas
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    I want to buy this Lappy Any reason I shouldn't? is there a comparable lappy out there that has escaped me? I want a system with a Turion, and I like the 17" monitor
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    So I have 4 GB of DDR2 800 Ballistix

    And I keep fricking bluescreening, couldn't even get into windows with all 4 1GB sticks, and today it BSOD'd, and I popped one stick out and it was fine, however the other thing might be a RAM slot on my mobo, which is more likely?
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    PSP still worth it?

    I'd loot for a used fat, but thats me and what I have, I have the old one fully updated to the latest firmware and it has some neat integrated features, they also stopped producing UMDs so you can get a bunch of movies for quite cheap, I also have a Datel 4GB HD and double battery, $40 at...
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    Free Antec 900 when combo with Phenom 9600

    Unlocked multipliers, easier to OC
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    Free Antec 900 when combo with Phenom 9600

    mang, and I paid $280 for my Phenom, my damn urge to finally have a new system right away, and I finally had the time to get everything together in the last few weeks
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    Free Microsoft Windows Server 2008 / SQL Server 2008 / Visual Studio 2008

    Do you have to be in the IT industry to attend?
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    Project: "Water-Logged" ... External Radlicious Box

    This has so much potential, I will be checking back often
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    Aliens: Colonial Marines, thoughts?

    My roomie was part of a group that was making a fan mod with the EXACT name and concept about 6-7 years ago and Fox came in with a cease-and-desist order and demanded their code, they didn't give it up but saw some gameplay, so we believe they took that Idea and now, we have the announcement...
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    Buying Refurb 60GB PS3 - Good or Bad Idea?

    YOu can order one from GS online for 429.99