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    Micron Cuts DRAM and NAND Flash Output as ASP Falters

    Too late Micron. Their inventories are ballooning out of sight -- well higher in terms of days sales that any time in modern history (at least 1995) by a large margin. They are currently sitting on about 140 days of inventory and it is expected to climb further. That measure is rarely over...
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    The DHS Issues Medical Advisory for Medtronic Cardiac Devices

    Sorry Grandma, but you just have all that money sitting in CDs that I could use for a real lifestyle. Muhahahahha! ;)
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    Micron Cuts DRAM and NAND Flash Output as ASP Falters

    Very clever, announce the cuts loudly to get your oligopolist buddies at Samsung and SK Hynix to do the same. A criminal act would be to actually have a meeting to plan cuts, this is the sneaky bitch way to get around that problem.
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    AMD Confirms Stadia Will Run on Intel CPUs

    Kyle, could you jump on this a week from Monday? ;)
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    Facebook Employees Had Access to Millions of User Passwords Stored in Plain Text

    And they suggest a strong password, like it's a user issue. That would helps if FB could do something really crazy, like not keeping passwords in plain text files. How strong is strong in plain text? :rolleyes:
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    Disney Completes Fox Acquisition

    Try to keep up. Disney does NOT own Fox News. Fox news was spun off with some other assets Tuesday and is still controlled by Rupert Murdock. Paul Ryan is on the new board of directors.
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    Apple Launches iMac With Coffee Lake and Vega

    Just sitting here quietly having just read Kyle's post. Good luck man.
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    Epic Games Denies Client Spying Accusations

    Um yeah, okay. I believe that's why you keep that "strategic" cache, but your wife/mom might find it a wee bit suspicious. ;)
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    A "Server Misconfiguration" Was Behind the Facebook Outage

    Those who still find Facebook relevant (octogenarians) would not know how. ;)
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    Intel's 5G Modems Will Allegedly Enter Mass Production in 2020

    Intel, the pride of American technology, firing on no cylinders. :rolleyes:
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    Chinese Commuters Use Facial Recognition to Pay for Subway Tickets

    Unless you have a low social score, then no train ride -- off to a gulag for you. ;)
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    Intel Comet Lake Processors Could Pack 10 Cores

    While it is a good overview of the Lakes, I am even more confused what belongs in which lake. Probably best to just throw the whole lot of them into the Great Lakes and start over with a new catchy name, like oh say Pentium X. ;)
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    911 Calls Raise Concerns Over Amazon Working Conditions

    This is just so sad. Okay, enough pity party time -- get your asses back to shipping me all the cheap shit that I buy from Amazon. ;)
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    Windows 10 Update Can Degrade Graphics, Mouse Performance in Certain Games

    So what's new? Windows updates are poorly tested and bork up systems, status quo remains intact. How about we allow a lot more control over updates by users, radical idea I know. :rolleyes: