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    Lots of RX470’s about to hit the market.

    If they are a Bitcoin mining company how did they accidentally end up with half a million GPUs that are good form mining ETH? It's a mining cloud provider, they had 485,000 GPUs and 60,000 Asics (presumably mostly for Bitcoin). I fail to see how they are Bitcoin only? Edit - poster above me...
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    Lots of RX470’s about to hit the market.

    They could also just turn them back on and make $1 million per day.... Which seems easier than trying to sell that many cards.
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    NVIDIA CEO: GPU Shortage Will Continue Throughout 2022

    The problem they need solved is more quickly calculating values in order to turn a profit. Same with a business, the faster they can process things the larger their profits. Gamers aren't gaming for a profit (most aren't) so aren't going to have the incentive to spend near as much as some...
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    Great news everybody! RTX 30 series hashing limiter partially defeated!

    I mean, and the fact that they aren't selling much of their mining hardware is pretty funny too. Why would a miner spend 3-4x as much for a "mining" card that is just a non-LHR normal card? They are literally just trying to get more money from miners. I could understand if the price was...
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    Great news everybody! RTX 30 series hashing limiter partially defeated!

    Getting a bit off topic so I'll keep this short. I don't agree with your large scale assessment because there are many things that people do that aren't good for the environment, I would even be willing to bet there is more chance of a miner using solar or renewable or excess energy than a...
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    Great news everybody! RTX 30 series hashing limiter partially defeated!

    Misguided? We're seeing it in other markets and this is Nvidia testing the waters.... I'm not sure I can understand why the writing on the wall from a company known to not do the right thing for their customers isn't as obvious to some. I am against artificial restrictions in general, it's not...
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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    Even in this thread, the number of people who have better options and have gotten offered already is telling, while those of us that have no options are still waiting... Seems like they are not actually targeting those without options, which was hoping was the case but have been realizing isn't...
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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    Still waiting for any internet options... signed up for beta, paid for pre-order, still nothing. Seems more people who have access to internet already are the ones being selected, kind of defeats the purpose I would think.
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    Are BIOS chips interchangeable?

    A lot of times they are pin compatible, but research would be necessary for sure. Also as mentioned, pretty uncommon for the bios chips to be bad unless they were failed flashes and don't have any flashback/dual bios features, but it's been pretty hard till kill rom chips for a while now...
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    Can I replicate these Nvidia settings on a AMD setup??

    Yes, nvidia cards have plenty of options to dial in brightness and color. As mentioned, those are pretty much default values though, so not sure what exactly you're trying to replicate. Gamma is no longer in the driver since this is functionality that is built into windows now. Game Color...
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    Here is why Spacex's Starlink should work:

    This is what people don't understand.... Even a phone with local only costs $45 a month at my house, you can go get it for $20, which is less than 1/2 my cost. DSL is not available, cable is not available. 4g is so overloaded, and my 1 bar of wireless service makes it pretty useless. It's...
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    Dell Poweredge r720xd - any reason to go to latest BIOS?

    Not sure how similar the R720 is to the R710 in this case, but I wrote some custom software the runs on boot that controls the fan via IPMI, but uses the readings from the CPU (motherboard) to do the control logic (it just triggers off of the highest reading it gets, I have one core that runs...
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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    As per their application, they expect 5-7 years (Page 40) With the early launches in 2019 being of the 5 year variety and expected to go through demise in 2024.
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    P.S.U.s Keep or toss?

    If you happen to be in SC, I could help you solve your issue :). I have a DOM and kids that need to learn about PSU's ;). In seriousness though, PSU's cost so much to ship, it's almost not even worth giving them away for free. Either find someone local looking for a project or find a recycler...
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    Arduino To Release Board Based on Raspberry Pi Silicon

    Why would they need to release their own when the pi foundation released it for $4... how much cheaper do they really think they can make it?