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    Two Ventura Macbooks have different behavior for my display

    I have a 3k portable 13" display. The resolution is 3200x1800. That means it should run at high DPI at 1600x900. I also have two Macbooks. One is a MBP Intel 2018 and the other is the MBA M1. The MBP runs it either 3200x1600 with super tiny everything or 1600x900 and pixelated. The MBA runs...
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    windows 11 running on parallels issue

    I'm trying to install a Windows software on my M1 MBA running Parallels. I get this error: It says I need to turn Controlled Folder Access off which I already did before running the installation (see the screenshot). I...
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    big jump in price from 4k to 5k. why?

    4K monitors are plenty and around the $300 price range. To go to 5k it's looking at $1000 or higher for similar physical display size but more pixels. Why is that?
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    external display doesn't wake up when I wake up my Mac in clamshell mode.

    I tried plugging in an adapter a lot like this one:,electronics,138&sr=1-3 This...
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    external hard drive not mounting

    In Mac's Disk Utility I can see my external hard drive. However it is not mounted and when I attempt to do so it spins forever and eventually errors out. I've tried this a few times. One time after rebooting I saw it was mounted for like 15 seconds but then unmounted shortly after. I don't know...
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    external display doesn't wake up when I wake up my Mac in clamshell mode.

    been using previous versions of MacBook (intel 2019, 2017, etc) in clamshell mode for years now. I have an external display (Dell 3007WFP) connected and when I tap my Magic Keyboard, the external display wakes up and I'm at the login screen. Since upgrading to an M1 MacBook Air and putting it...
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    whats the guidance around which drivers to install on a new Windows 10 setup

    Okay so I've reinstalled Win 10 on my laptop. The manufacturer's site has a list of a dozen or so drivers. So far everything seems to be working without drivers. Which ones do I need to install? Are any of them required? Does Win 10 come with all the drivers I need?
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    Windows 10 laptop struggling

    I'm wondering if I'll run into Windows installation issues later like with product keys. I found this article and it allowed me to get the product key out of my laptop. Is this sufficient to reactivate Windows after I...
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    Windows 10 laptop struggling

    After backing up my data, I just tried the recovery menu in Win 10's settings. I told it to download Windows from Cloud and wipe everything. The system rebooted and dumped me with a 0x0000185 error. The recovery failed. I managed to get back into Win 10 after another reboot. It says "There was...
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    hard drive enclosure only works with some drives

    So I have this enclosure: It works with a 2.0TB WD20EZRX SATA 64MB Cache. It reads and writes just fine. However it doesn't work with a 3.0TB WD30EZRX SATA 64MB Cache. When I plug it in a Windows or Mac laptop...
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    Windows 10 laptop struggling

    I'm not sure I can do that easily. I'd have to open up the laptop. What do I gain by doing so?
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    Windows 10 laptop struggling 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ Quad-Core 16GB DDR4 RAM | 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD 17.3" 1920 x 1080 Anti-Glare Display NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050Ti (4GB GDDR5) SuperMulti DVD Drive | SD Card Reader 802.11ac...
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    Windows 10 laptop struggling

    any suggestions for how to back up all my data first? is there a tool will let me plug in an external hard drive and just back up everything on my laptop? is it a good idea to just format it all? i dont want legacy files sitting around after a reformat...
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    Windows 10 laptop struggling

    My Win 10 laptop is having serious symptoms. They include? 1) When booting, the desktop icons sometimes don't appear or take a long time to appear. 2) When clicking on the Windows Explorer, sometimes nothing happens or the app opens for a split second and disappears. 3) Sometimes the...
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    Laptop has mini DP and monitor has USB-C, how to connect the two?

    would the HDMI solution allow me to get the maximum resolution possible on the external monitor which is 3200x1800?