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    I Bought a 6900 XT Today!

    I've attempted for the last hour...get the the review order page and it always boots me back to a 503 error and then back to shipping confirmation. Gave up.
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    Core i9 10980Xe

    The OEM Tray version is actually shipping from B&H. I still wouldn't buy it though at $1,099.00
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    Koolance 1000W Watercooled PSU

    Just when you thought you've seen it all...a watercooled PSU?!
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    5700 XT Anniversary Edition -$369.99

    I know a lot of people aren't a fan of the reference design cards but cheapest I see right now for an Anniversary Edition card for any collectors out there. Regular version can also be had at $349.99...
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    Any routers that can get close to gigabit on wifi?

    Recently just switched from Spectrum to Fios Instant 750/750,(not quite gigabit but getting there) and it seems my Asus RT-AC68U maxes out at 450/450 on the 5GHZ band. Wanted to know if this was the limit of more current routers as well. I'm pulling well over 750/750 when plugged in.
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    SFF 8643 to PCI-E Intel 750

    The Asus option actually comes out to cheaper but I would probably need to modify the bios just to enable the feature. The guide would be appreciated (y)
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    SFF 8643 to PCI-E Intel 750

    I'm using an ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition, but didn't know the hyperkit was locked down in any way so that's definitely a good advice. Would the SSD mount directly onto the adapter? This is definitely interesting.
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    SFF 8643 to PCI-E Intel 750

    I should have probably picked up the PCI-E version but I got a decent deal on the 2.5" version of the Intel 750. My motherboard has neither a SFF8643 port or a M.2/U.2 slot. I'm looking for a mini-sas to pci-e adapter but wanted to see if anyone has actually had any luck with one. The only one...
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    7th Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2016)

    Uploading now (y)
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    7th Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2016)

    Did sprint start? Have about 80 or so WU I need to upload.
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    3-5 day call to arms for Rosetta@home (CPU's)

    Thanks. This was pretty helpful. I set it for 5 days worth of work which came out to about 150 WU. Hopefully that'll be enough. Went up to 4.7. Thanks for the advice.
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    3-5 day call to arms for Rosetta@home (CPU's)

    Just started up Rosetta but a total noob at this. Joined the [H] team and got the client running and it seems to have picked up work. Does CPU clock speed make a significant difference in Rosetta? Right now I'm running a 4930k at 4.5 but can bump it to 4.875 if I lower Ram frequency to 1600mhz.
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    Yet another Asus rma horror story

    I've had no luck with Asus cards either. Tried to get my Asus 280x fans replaced or just buy a new one from Asus but they couldn't even do that. In the end, I sold it and got a MSI 780ti. That ended up dying and MSI sent me a 980ti gaming 6g. Maybe I lucked out but it makes me sad that you had...
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    Best Mouse for Work and Travel

    Started a new job a month ago and I've been using their provided their cheap, no frills, good but not good enough Logitech B100 mouse; a classic case of you get what you pay for. That said, I'm not impressed and am looking for something portable, wireless and can track well on different...
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    Sprint Loses Bid To Dismiss $300M N.Y. Tax Fraud Lawsuit

    I'd agree here. Masayoshi Son will probably eat the fee. The only thing that's going to be footed to the customer most likely is that they will start paying the tax. I'm more surprised John Legere isn't having a field day with this on twitter.