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    Battlestation One: ATX Gaming PC - "desk-TOP" Case | Update #2

    Interesting idea, especially if you can make it a bit more squat, just high enough to fit over mounted cards, meaning a max external height of about 8". Even that is a bit too much. Look into office ergonmic studies and you'll find the preferred height to the center of a monitor is a slight...
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    Traditional/Standing Desk Hybrid Ideas

    Thomas Jefferson's standing desk had all sorts of interesting features. Making one which telescopes up to a standing height would be real nice. Might even be possible to hide something like those hatchback pneumatic pistons inside the legs, along with some sort of catch / release which you...
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    Project: Dark Armor

    Is the texture / thickness of the coating going to interfere with the fitment of any panels or doors? And you didn't quite say if you were after the texture, or also the matte 'Batman' sort of finish. If it's a textured metal 'armor' finish you (or anyone else) are looking for, Rustoleum has a...
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    Favorite Recent Case ?

    I just started a build using the Cougar Evolution. Nice layout and the top controls and SATA dock is really slick. Lots of bays, lots of ways to hide cables.
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    Man Cave Project

    Looks very nice. Any more overall pics of the layout?
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    "Black Widow" Antec 1200 Mod

    Or RED.
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    Dremel Question

    Exactly this. Use of gloves with power tools, revolving or reciprocating bladed tools is a major safety violation and an accident waiting to happen. Always wear safety glasses. Lots of tough stylish and inexpensive polycarbonate types available. Or tighter-fitting shooting glasses, less than...
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    HOW TO: Paint The Inside Of A Case On The Cheap.

    winter's pretty much the worst time to spray paint. Temperature is a key issue in teh quality of the finish and adherence. Humidity is a close second, so a wet spring or muggy summer is also to be avoided. The way to spraypaint in winter is bring all your materials inside, get everything warm...
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    Molding plexiglass

    Depending on the thickness desired and the complexty of the shape you can bend plex pretty easily. And with some care you can use an oven to do it. Doesn't take a high heat to make it soft. And if you create a buck (pattern) and arrange things so the softening plex sags into or drapes over the...
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    Balance caseventilation a myth?

    Just duct / arrange fans to accomodate the basic laws of thermodynamics, and to service the hottest components in your system. Put outside air right to your CPU fan. Put intakes low and towards the front. Step up exhaust fans on your PSU and rear of the case. If you make any extra fan holes...
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    Project Resevoir

    Put some fishtank aeration / bubbler lines along the bottom, for a wall of bubble effect?
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    XPS M-170 Laptop: Full Military Overhaul.

    Neat project. btw, the yellow / black warning stuff is available as a tape. And the finish of it would still fit in with the mod.
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    Hidden Desk Computer

    Just go to a hardware store and get some normal rolling drawer rails. They make a type you can mount on the bottom of a drawer. Just reverse them and put them on the top edges of your 'case'. And with a little bit of controlled slack on the external cabling you could literally slide out your...
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    Simple mod / mesh / airflow - need some help / tips

    The bolted grill is one good way to do it, if that visually blends well with your design. If your mesh or grill is behind a front bezel or somewhere else where the interior edges won't be visible, a hot melt glue gun works just fine.
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    What would you recommend to fix a scratch or chip in plastic?

    can't tell how deep it is, but a couple applications of touch-up paint in the scratch only might work. Or at least make it unnoticeable. Matching the sheen of the case paint will matter as much as the color. I'd avoid using any sort of filler, because working it into place and trying to blend...