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    New Issues with Previously-Stable 2500k

    Keep us posted if you do RMA the PSU. I'm curious what the CS is like, and what criteria they use to authorize an RMA.
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    New Issues with Previously-Stable 2500k

    My current board, a Gigabyte Z170 UD5 TH also had sporadic crashes for a good 6 months before a BIOS update fixed was also ridiculously tough to troubleshoot, I swapped almost everything (even RMAed the CPU) and finally came to the conclusion that the C-states set in BIOS was causing the...
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    Ever see a cooler defect like this? (no pun intended)

    So I bought this BeQuiet! Shadow Rock Slim on eBay...the seller claimed it was new, and it appeared to be by the look of the box and film at the base. But wait! I got a refund as the seller was unaware and it didnt make sense to pay the shipping back (US back to Canada). I tried opening a...
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    Motherboard with 5+ PCI ports

    not the most elegant solution, but you can try 3 of these (+2 onboard PCI) if there is space to fit all the risers
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    The Top 5 Best Motherboards of All Time

    I remember working on my buddy's Rampage III. Solid board, miles ahead of the EVGA X58 Classified at the time.
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    Tool Kit

    The iFixit kits are pretty good for small electronics. People say quality isn't the best but I'm pretty happy with the tool selection.
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    Best ~500GB SSD?

    Sammy 960 Pro or Intel 750 (400GB since there's no 500GB) depending on who you ask.
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    What add-in cards do you have in your computer (besides a video card)?

    Wireless AC card (usually disabled) Intel 750 AIC SSD Xonar STX wish I had space for a RAID card, but the added cables wouldn't be pretty.
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    Torn between 7700K or Ryzen 1700

    I skimmed the thread. Can't directly comment on the bottleneck issue, but experience says that the GPU is the proper upgrade. I built my friend who is a die hard Battlefield player a similar system a few years back. It's a i5-4690K @ 4.4GHz so just barely faster than yours. Went from a GTX...
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    Why is my computer crashing when I use Excel, is it hardware or software?

    That looks like excel 2010. I remember there were a few major under the hood upgrades for 2013 because when a friend of mine made the upgrade, there were no longer problems with handling more than a certain number of cell formats at once (the limit of unique formats per document was raised)...
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    Hard drive disconnecting issue

    Ah, that was pre-B3. I remember having to return a first gen P67 board to Newegg for the recall. Turnaround time was a full 1 month.
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    Hard drive disconnecting issue

    Do you have a reference link? I'm just curious. Or is this the pre-B3 stepping problem that had a recall?
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    Need a new SATA boot SSD. What's the current Gold standard?

    Were those failures 840 Evos or 850 Evos? I know the 840 Evo has a bad rep, but havn't read much about 850 Evo failures. I thought the reliability of small node planar TLC in the 840 Evo was addressed with larger node 3D TLC in the 850 Evo. That said, my goto is the Intel 710 for SATA. It's...
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    Build #8 [Let's do this]

    If you're going into $200 territory on PSU you can do better. 750W-800W is already more than enough for your future SLI needs so step down the wattage and upgrade to a better series. Corsair's best is the AX (Seasonic OEM) and AXi (Flextronics) line so check the 760 and 860W versions of those...
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    Build #8 [Let's do this]

    Noctua's NT-H1 that comes with the cooler will outperform AS5. There are reports of Gelid GC Xtreme being the best but the difference is negligible from my experience.