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    Whats everyone using for HTPC remote these days?

    I use a harmony hub with the companion remote. It uses a CR2032 battery and it lasts a few months. I have it control my HTPC over bluetooth. If I need to use a keyboard and mouse, I use a logitech K400.
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    Windows 10 / Atmos Problem / 4k HDR Output

    Another stupid thing to try is what refresh rate are you using? I found using 59hz instead of 60hz sometimes reduced my video issues.
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    Windows 10 / Atmos Problem / 4k HDR Output

    Have you tried setting up as 4:2:2 or 4:2:0? Also on the KS8000 what do you have color space set to? It should be on auto.
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    CPU Choice for HTPC/Plex Server

    If its for playback you're better off getting a GPU with HEVC decoding. Something like a GT1030 or RX550 will do it. As far as the 2500k or 3570k, I don't think its going to matter you'll most likely get similar results in performance when it comes to 4k video. I've paired a GT1030 and RX460...
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    OLED 65" TV or 120 inch screen 4k projector ?

    For me it depends on the room. If its a living room I'd probably lean more towards an OLED since there is more variables like lighting and space. If it was a basement or a media room meant primarily for movies I would go projector. I think it comes down to how much of the theater experience you...
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    voice low, action high

    Is your sound through an AVR or soundbar? You'll need to check your Dynamic Range Compression settings. There could be settings for it on your TV or Apple TV.
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    What game do you think should get a sequel or a remake?

    Deus Ex Descent Quake 2 Metal Fatigue Drakan Soldier of Fortune Warcraft 2
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    Need a little help getting smooth 4k playback on HEVC

    Only option that doesn't involve upgrading hardware would be to encode that video to H.264 which would take a while. I would say get a low end video card that does HEVC decoding like a GT1030 or RX550. My HTPC is using a RX460 with a Pentium G2020 and 4k HEVC playback is smooth. A GT 1030 is...
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    Getting an Xbox One X as a first console - recommend 10 games I should get for it

    I'm getting an as well. I don't think you can go wrong with Halo Master Chief Collection and Halo 5. I would say getting Xbox Game pass and EA Access would give you access to a bunch of games to start with. I think this is a good place to start.
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    Microsoft to Release ‘Project Scorpio’ Edition of Xbox One X

    There are two options that should work. All the accessories work between the original, X and S.
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    4K gaming

    No doubt there are factors that will affect someones decision differently. For me I use my XB1 way more then my PS4. The only games I have for the PS4 are exclusives, the rest I have on the XB1. So the PS4 Pro is actually not a great value buy for me in comparison to the XB1X even taking into...
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    4K gaming

    I would say if you can wait and afford it go with Xbox One X. Xbox One X has additional memory for higher resolution textures. Also if you have any interest in 4k blu rays the Xbox also has a UHD blu ray drive.
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    Starcraft Remastered is not free cost $15

    $15 is less then I would've initially expected. I figured it would be $20+ if not $30. I think $15 is reasonable for Starcraft and Broodwar remastered.
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    Power draw, who cares...

    For my main rig I don't really care about power draw that much. The only time power would come in to play is if performance and price is similar then I may consider power as a deciding factor. For my file server or HTPC I tend to put power draw slightly higher because these are systems that are...