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    Sniper Elite 5

    14GB patch:
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    New Game+ would be awesome. I know they have supported the online a lot but
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    Sniper Elite 5

    I finished my first campaign run the other day. I'm happy with this. Some of the locations are pretty impressive. I thought the spy academy area was downright gorgeous in parts.
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    Redfall (Arkane Studios)

    I'm very sadly forced to concede this point. I'm not feeling this thing at all so far. Not a bit.
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    I'm cautiously optimistic but we will see. I am pretty taken aback by how much they flat out ripped off of No Man's Sky. I guess imitation is the best form of flattery. If I can get "Fallout/No Man's Sky hybrid in space" with *relatively* few issues from Bugthesda then that's good enough for...
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    God of War: Ragnarök

    Seeing reports they are shooting hard to get this out this coming November although there is a "2023 delay" still floating.
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    Fallout 76

    Fallout 4 on easier difficulties should have been do-able for you. I can always recommend Nexus Mods to put you over the top. I don't care much for a lot of those aspects either. If you though 4 was tough then you can forget trying 76 because those aspects are emphasized even more which, for...
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    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    Easy decision for fence sitters at this point.
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    Sniper Elite 5

    I'm digging it. So far things look great, run great, and if you have played these games you know what to expect.
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    Trepang 2 Inspired by F.E.A.R

    That looks similar enough I'm wondering if some of the developers from FEAR came in on that or if some people's lawyers got a phone call. I may have to try this.
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    Destiny 2

    As usual me trying to do a dungeon solo just isn't going to happen so I'll see what I can do. I did finish it once with a group of randoms over a mic and the loot drop was pathetic. I am going to try and get the memories. I have four of those so far.
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    Sniper Elite 5

    All of those "mixed" are nothing new. If you have played these games before it's more of the same for the most part. I do agree about some questionable performance and optimization issues but that, too, is par for the course for a lot of games when they first come out. Ultra is probably not...
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    Destiny 2

    Oh... I will be trying this. I'm bracing myself for this new dungeon haha. I need to unlock Classy Restoration. Just tried the new dungeon. Yikes. I have a lot to learn and prep for this thing.
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    Destiny 2

    Trace Rifles and Machine Guns have been nice with this. I'm experimenting with other relevant solar weapons. I'm using Prometheus Lens a lot and Vex Mythoclast is starting to alternate (for energy weapons.) I may even whip out Lament for some of this. New Dungeon tomorrow. Using my Hunter...