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    AMD Benefitting from its Diminutive Size says CEO

    The book Thinner by Stephen King was fairly good and a good comparison of AMD's trajectory. I doubt AMD will be able to put its problems into a pie, but will effectively get to the same inevitability as the book did. :D
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    Kaby Lake Pentium Processors Get Hyper-Threading

    It's even more naïve to assume that Intel knows AMD CPU performance before there's even silicon made, because that's what I was pointing out.
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    Kaby Lake Pentium Processors Get Hyper-Threading

    Who knows? AMD hasn't even given a launch date for Ryzen, and details of lower end products are still completely unknown (no clock speed, cache sizes, release dates, whether or not SMT will be enabled on all models, etc). CPUs can have various specs and prices tweaked to improve...
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    Robots WILL Kill Us All

    I'm re-programming a T-800 right now. You want a robot arms race? I'll give you a robot arms race!
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    Best Buy Geeksquad Informants for FBI?

    inb4crazy conspiracies Oops, too late.
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    First Nokia-Branded Smartphone Is Exclusive To China

    It's not bad for the price ~US$250. The specs are decent for its class: Snapdragon 430 w/8 A53 cores and Adreno 505 GPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB flash, 5.5" 1080p LCD, Gorilla Glass 3, Nougat and all the usual features on a modern smartphone.
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    Windows XP Hard To Kill, Continues To Gain Market Share

    I don't get this view. What exactly should MS update? The NT kernel has continued evolving, and the UI has been tweaked, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Support in the core OS is added as needed to support newer hardware. That is the update: the OS evolves. XP was a mess...
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    Windows XP Hard To Kill, Continues To Gain Market Share

    I think this is just measurement noise. The percentages each month are made by sampling, and corrections using various weighting. The largest markets for XP usage are in Asia, and the trend of switching from PCs to phones could be throwing off some assumptions. I like NetMarketShare numbers...
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    MacBook Pro Saves Man’s Life After By Blocking A Bullet

    It's probably useful to mention the model since many people know that MacBooks use metal cases, and it makes understanding how a laptop can stop a bullet easier. I know this Samsung laptop I'm using right now would have contributed to the shrapnel in my body if I were wearing a backpack with it...
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    The Desktop CPU Isn’t Dead, It Just Needs A Swift Kick In The Butt

    That's not a problem with laziness, but with how much things can be made to run in parallel (see Amdahl's Law), and also how easy it is to make code closer to bug-free. Making things needlessly complex to extract another 5% in performance isn't worth it from a development standpoint. The bigger...
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    2016 Sees Internet Explorer Usage Collapse, Chrome Surge

    Is the proud ownership of MS stock not good enough for you? :p I actually looked up the last IDC numbers and the biggest seller for Windows tablet by far is the convertible Lenovo Yoga series. The most popular accessory for Surface tablets is the type cover. People are basically buying these...
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    AMD: Zen CPU Architecture Expected To Last Four Years

    I read that earlier. It's strange that AMD isn't planning on any shrinks in that time. GLF/Samsung's "14nm" process is a finfet process close to 20nm planar process geometry. IOW, it's going to be lapped by other advances multiple times by 2021. That assumes AMD keeps on schedule and delivers...
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    Star Trek Fan Film Isn't Protected By Fair Use, Rules US Judge

    From the Stanford fair use page: It's going to be a complicated and expensive case, and moving forward will almost certainly cause Axanar to drop out and settle. Since Paramount had somewhat permissive guidelines for fan films...
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    2016 Sees Internet Explorer Usage Collapse, Chrome Surge

    There is also demand for floppy disks and green screen TTL monitors, but that ignores its relative importance in the whole market for storage and screens. :p The biggest use of Windows tablets and 2 in 1s is not as "tablets" with the crappy touch UI and apps from MS's failure of a Windows app...
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    2016 Sees Internet Explorer Usage Collapse, Chrome Surge

    Edge is just a symptom of MS's bigger problems: a delusion that Windows is an in-demand tablet/mobile OS.