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    no i no longer have it

    no i no longer have it
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    WEI graphics performance of Macbook Pro vs. Sandy Bridge IGP

    Hi all, I realize Windows Experience Index is a very basic benchmark, but I just built a desktop with the i5-2400 Sandy Bridge with the integrated graphics and only got a WEI of 4.6 (for desktop performance). I thought at the very least at the IGP in Sandy Bridge would beat that of my late 2010...
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    how about $100 shipped?

    how about $100 shipped?
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    New card for old system, LIMITED BUDGET

    You can get a 9800Pro for under $100US, or even an FX5900 for $60-$75. A $200 AGP card may not give you the best price/performance ratio due to the bottleneck your system man incurr on performance. Hopefully your PSU can handle the load of those cards. Maybe you could save the rest for some...
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    Problem: MSI 7800GTX and Zalman VF-900

    I just got a 7800GTX from the BST forum and installed a VF900 and was wondering thr same thing. I would have preferred that the video card automatically adjust the fan speed as they do to their stock HSF's. I did have it connected to my motherboard, but then opted to connect it to the fan...
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    CNet retardation?

    To my knowledge, people have been choosing sides all the time. If you want an ATI graphics card you probably wouldn't want to go with an nForce chipset (it may work fine, but it just sounds funny...). I do think it's all business and politics, but it should just make the competition work harder...
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    Which mobo ?? MSI or Biostar ??

    I got the Biostar Tforce 6100 for my 754 2 months ago. I just ran everything at stock (which was probably a waste considering the Biostar options), but it ran fine. I did have a Biostar board fail on me 3 years ago which left a sour taste in my mouth. But the Newegg reviews and some good things...
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    NEC Multisync LCD 1810: Broken?

    I actually found someone with the same problem: He says it's fuses on the inverter board, though I have no idea how to fix it (too technical for me). Maybe I'll...
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    NEC Multisync LCD 1810: Broken?

    Anyone got any ideas?
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    NEC Multisync LCD 1810: Broken?

    I was asked to look at a couple LCD monitors that stopped working; 3 NEC MultiSync LCD 1810 XtraView displays. These were all manufactured in 1999 so they're pretty old. Here's the problem they have. If being fed a signal through VGA, the monitor would flash on for a second, then turn back off...
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    Suggest the cheapest PCI video card that supports widescreen

    I just got a widescreen 17" monitor (a Sceptre LCD TV, actaully) for my sis, but her current PC, a Compaq Presario 5BW160, doesn't have a good enough intergrated graphics processor. Anyone got any ideas?
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    Recommend me a video card

    Haha! He's right. Both nVidia and ATI refresh their graphics card lineups about every 6 months, so even if you wait til a DX10 card, 6 months later they'll upgrade something else...
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    What is the best mouse to get?

    G5 is a good mouse, but I think it's so ugly. What the hell can you match with it? It'd be awesome if they made cases that matched that motif, but other than that...??
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    worthwhile upgrades for my AMD 64 system

    I'd go with a sound card too. If you don't mind the extra work, pull out the 754, the NF3, and get rid of the AGP card to upgrade to an AM2 or 939 and PCIe. Hehe. That's a pretty big overhaul, if I do say so myself. But you wouldn't spend much if you sold the components you had and got new ones.
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    Upgrading to a new system.

    I'd agree with antimatter in that single cards have less issues (that and more cost-effective). But if you want it, go for it. I'd get AM2 as well, but I heard there were a few bugs with the CPU. If I heard wrong, new sockets are always a plus.