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    Pioneer VSX-918V-K Trouble

    The source is PS3 I have tried using Blu ray movies and PS3 games. I have checked the settings on PS3 and they are correct. Its connected using Digital optical output from PS3. Thanks for you assistance
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    Pioneer VSX-918V-K Trouble

    Does anyone have any experiance with Pioneer VSX-918V-K reciever. I cannot for the life of me get the surround sound to work. I am able to use the auto setup and that runs through a bunch of tests all the speakers are working and recognized properly though when not in the setup function I cannot...
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    SuSE 10 help

    This is gonna sound ridiculous but i cant figure out how to shut down my machine using SuSE 10. im a complete linux noob. i assume its a command but i cant figure it out. If you could help me out id apreciate it.
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    Premiere pro 7 help

    i got Panasonic VFW DV codec and installed it. this allowed me to import the .avi files into premiere but the video clips come in completly black so i cant edit them. and now i cant open some .avi files with windows media player is it possible i got the wrong codec? i can play all my .avi files...
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    Premiere pro 7 help

    ya you still have to go to file import to bring files in so thats still the same ill look into the VfW codec
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    Premiere pro 7 help

    im looking for some way to import .avi files into editing. it just says the file extension is not supported. i was wondering if there was a plugin or someting like that. i dont really want to convert them to .mpg but if i must i must. so any help would be much appreciated.
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    KODE5 Global Gaming Revolution

    im all for that i could actually compete in the generals zh tourney. havent invested enough time in WC3 1vs1 to compete with top level players. but ya its choosen because its probably still the most popular multiplayers RTS game right now. and its properly supported unlike Gens.
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    Need Logo Done

    burn him at the steak im a struggling artist and this really get my goat :rolleyes:
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    Networking with MAC & XP

    actually i think i just found out that appletalk is incompatable with windows if im wrong let me know. so i need to connect the mac by using TCP/IP protocol rather than appletalk is that correct? and if so how simple is that i dotn know macs im just trying to help my friend who is trying to...
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    Networking with MAC & XP

    i belive i need to install appletalk on the XP machine to get them working together. but where do i get that protocol i couldnt find it on apples website. thanks for your help
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    Halo - The most overrated game ever?

    Iv been trying to convince my friends how crappy Halo / Halo 2 is after playing something like Doom 3 half Life/ Half Life 2 CS Source i thnik i have finally broken though.
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    HL2DM -- Glaring oversights

    i played it for about 10 min i think it was really fun even with all the lag on the server i was on it was fun but CS:S is more betterer whall.
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    Will the antec aria work for me?

    seems like 300 watts isnt sufficiant to power all of that maybe im wrong anyone else think the same thing?
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    more WoW closed beta invites?

    i wanna play ... ;)
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    Athlon Fx 53 help

    i need some help as to what kind of Fx 53 i have i won it and i just realized there are more than 1 versions of this chip im looknig for the pin count mostly here is whats written on the top ADAFX53CEP5AT CAABC 0416VPMW 9556922E40127 i would like to sell it its of no use to me as...