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    Minimum broadband speed you could live with?

    I used to play WOW off an AirCard and typically had pretty good luck with it until the device was basically dying after a year. This was a 3G card and damn, today if I was on 4G I prob would of been happy with it.
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    Minimum broadband speed you could live with?

    20/5 should be the BASE anyone gets. What I want to live with is 1gig/1gig but we all can't get google fiber.
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    ATT Uverse Modems

    I really hate paying them 7 dollars a month on top of my already overpriced service. I'll take the 10 dollar credit I got them to give me for the coverage of modem. Seriously, fuck ATT and their shitty business practices. Locked into shit devices and shit products they offer.... If our...
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    ATT Uverse Modems

    Anyone using anything other then their piece of junk? I have dropped their TV service and only have the internet coming in on Uverse. My understanding its just ADSL2+ and I should be able to grab what ever modem and have this work correct?
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Replacement modem for UVERSE? I am dropping the TV part and will need an ADSL 2 modem and want suggestions.
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    WTB AMD A8-3870/AMD A8-3850

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    WTB AMD A8-3870/AMD A8-3850

    I have an FM1 mobo and trying to build a spare system off it.
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    Cooling for Video Cards

    I am looking at doing an AIO for my video card. I don't like it running as hot and as loud as it does. So I have a couple questions: EVGA ACX cooler on my stock card currently. 1. I do not see that it is actually cooling the ram itself but does have part of what look like capacitors to me...
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    Bass isnt about house shaky, its about sounding good. what model are they?
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    Sentimentally ... WiNDy

    Ya, there also was some guy on here scamming people he could import them in because they were only sold in Japan. I don't think the company really ever got off the ground. Amazing look cases thought but 3-4x as much any others on the market.
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    Are those the swan speaker?
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    Dual WAN - Load balancing router w/ Wireless if possible (N and maybe AC if possible)

    If you like that router, you could just run your own WAPs and get better coverage then a central WAP.
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    Does Titanfall have recommended specs or just minimum?

    Using an aged engine so it runs okay on the lackluster xboxone hardware.
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! RES! (Sorry for the reddit style response) RES
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    How many of you leave the your case sides off? (Open Air?)

    I like to be able to you know.. Keep the dust out as much as possible.