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    The best PC case I ever owned was a...

    I loved the ThermalTake Core V1. It was a good looking case, with great ability for cable management. One of my favorite ITX cases.
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    Motherboard RGB Header

    I'm new to RGB and my MSi X399 Gaming mobo has a 4-pin addressable RGB header. I'm using an Enermax Liqtech II which uses a 3-pin. Obviously I can't plug that into the mobo so I have to use the crappy controller which has proved difficult sticking to one color. Looking at the pinout it seems...
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    ENERMAX LIQTECH TR4 AIO Liquid CPU Coolers Review

    If I do get the Enermax, I'm contemplating changing the fluid day one.
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    ENERMAX LIQTECH TR4 AIO Liquid CPU Coolers Review

    Yeah, I suppose that is true. It's price also certainly doesn't put it in the same catergory as mainstream CLC's either. For the Enermax unit, at least you can change the fluid rather than toss it in the bin and start over. I'm still torn about the direction I'm going to go. I saw that Alphacool...
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    ENERMAX LIQTECH TR4 AIO Liquid CPU Coolers Review

    Also, EK offers an AIO solution. You buy the CPU block and the rad/pump separately.It uses quick connects, but it states they come primed with EK's fluid. I was considering this option, but I don't care for the connectors... they just don't look clean. Everything else about the setup is awesome...
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    Air cooler for 6800K at 4 GHz?

    Running the 6800k with a Noctua D15s with two Corsair ML 120 Pros. At stock speeds it runs 22° C @ idle. I just don't see going to 4GHz causing a thermal throttling issue. To me, that article at Toms Hardware is a bit lazy. I'm going to try for a 4GHz OC tomorrow and see how it goes. I don't...
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    The [H] Post Pictures of your ManCave

    That's actually a replica of a Hofner. It's a guitar controller for Beatles Rock Band. I hope to have another real guitar sitting there soon.
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    Best Video Card for my system under $150?

    If it has to be now, a used XFX 7970 DD isn't a bad choice as well.
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    Video card brand in your first PC?

    My first PC was a Packard Bell with an integrated Cirrus Logic. It was 1995 and I had no idea of a concept of dedicated GPUs. I assumed they were all on the mobo at the time. My next PC, the first one I built, was a RivaTNT AGP. At the time it was pretty high end.
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    GPU Upgrade 1070 or Rx 480/470?

    Unless you're willing to wait to see what Vega will be all about, no question, get the 1070. I would only consider the 480 if you're on a tighter budget and even then, I think a 1060 like the EVGA Gaming SC would be a better card.