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    FX 4100 system to have its guts replaced, looking to finally take the upgrade plunge

    The 960 will perform just like it always has. Detail settings are typically GPU dependent, not CPU dependent, so I don't know if you'll be able to turn up detail settings in any game where you are already GPU limited. I expect that most of the time, your current setup is CPU limited and the...
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    PSU wattage requirement

    I seem to recall the 3080 can pull 350-ish watts peak. Add 250 peak for the CPU and 150-200 for the rest of it (being kind of generous), and you're pushing 800+ watts. Now, that's peak, and you're unlikely to max everything out all at once. Most people could probably get away with 850w. I...
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    Post your hard drive Power On hours!

    LOL! IT guy: "Costs are for the accounting people." Accounting: "Why tf do you think I have any idea what goes on in IT? I just pay the bills." It takes someone who knows not only what the costs are, but which costs are tied to what potential capital expenditures. it takes someone who...
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    Post your hard drive Power On hours!

    Many businesses operate using the theory "If it ain't broke while doing the CEO's key Monday report two weeks running, don't fix it." If there isn't someone watching all of the costs, direct and indirect, a lot of bad decisions will be made.
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    How has Zen3 managed to maintain it's price after over a year?

    Basically, as long as AMD can sell parts at the current price, they aren't going to be motivated to cut prices. If I had to guess, I'd bet that a significant percentage, maybe as much as 1/4 or more, of individual CPU sales of Zen 3 are selling upgrades into existing motherboards. That $500...
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    You can't really "split" USB in the same sense as a fan splitter where it's just wiring. A USB Y splitter cable can drive one port or the other at any given time, but not both. You either need an add-in USB card, or some sort of internal USB hub.
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    Do I need to upgrade?

    CPU and GPU performance are two independent things; the CPU doesn't "run" the GPU and you don't need a faster CPU just because you have a faster GPU. The faster GPU changes the CPU/GPU balance and you might, or might not, run into a CPU limitation. It all depends on resolution, graphics...
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    2.5" SSD for Dell Optiplex SFF?

    I have a version of the WD Blue, Crucial MX500, various Team units, and a Samsung 860. Unless you are doing something unusual, they are all pretty much of a muchness. I'd say just buy whatever has a price you like and don't worry about it.
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    I think my pc diying. Psu or ? Shutdown

    Plus he does the same thing over on pcpartpicker with a different username. To the OP: Kid, either you worry too much or you're trolling. Quit posting about every little glitch. Even if I cared, there's no way to diagnose a one-off problem from a distance. No, don't RMA anything. Come back...
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    NVMe active adapter for different PCIe versions?

    The way I read the OP's request is to get PCIe 4.0 bandwidth to a PCIe 4.0 device, out of double the number of PCIe 3.0 lanes. I don't see anywhere in the 7505 description where it says that it does that.
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    NVMe active adapter for different PCIe versions?

    I don't think the 7505 does what OP wants. It is PCIe 3.0 compatible, but I don't see anything saying that it pairs 3.0 lanes to get 4.0 lanes. I suspect that if you stick the 7505 into a PCIe 3.0 slot, you get 3.0 speeds.
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    NVMe active adapter for different PCIe versions?

    You're looking for an up-converter that takes 2k version N-1 lanes and transforms it into k version N lanes, right? As toast0 said, I imagine that it's possible in theory, but I've never heard of such a part. There would be almost no demand for it, and it surely wouldn't be a simple circuit.
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    How to make Alienware Aurora R10 thermals suck less

    With the PSU mounted where it is, I'd say it's hopeless. Give it up.
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    Can't find replacement Noctua fan (noice reduction)

    Looks to me like a job for a couple drops of superglue...
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    Is X570 the last AM4 Chipset?

    X570S was a minor refresh of X570. As far as "the last" AM4 chipset, I suspect it would be either B550 or A520, whichever was last. To answer what I think you were asking, no, I don't think we'll see any more AM4 chipsets.