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    Pre-Built PC's cheaper per-part than individual parts?

    You probably cant resale the parts for cost because ebay is full of miners dumping prebuilts minus the GPU for below cost. If you arr buying a prebuilt I would make sure the rest of the parts are to your liking...
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    Asus 3090 TUF OC Flashed with Galax Bios

    Wonder how long before 3090 Ti users start flashing from 450W to 600W BIOSes :D
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    Display driver crashes when primary display is turned off for 5+ minutes

    Are you on Windows 11? Linus has already made videos about Windows 11 randomly going black screen and becoming unresponsive. Personally if my monitor isn’t on when Windows boots up, the PC just loads into a permanent black screen. If I turn off the monitor for a few minutes, Windows goes black...
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    What new display type are you looking for in 2021?

    RTINGS review is up of the U9DG. "Perfect" blacks. Wide viewing angles. If peak brightness wasn't low it would be a unicorn non-OLED display. Main downside appears to be power consumption is about 2.3x higher than your typical LED TV...
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    Cowboy Beebop live action at Netflix!

    I would've liked to see the Fox version made but too bad they got cold feet from the billionaire dollar budget...Keanu is closer to what I would expect Spike to look like since he's supposed to be around 6-1 and lanky.
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    12900K Tamed On Cinebench With NH U12A chromax Black Air Cooler with small overclock 80°C Max

    That's pretty impressive because a U12A would struggle to cool a 11700K much less a 11900K without resorting to maxing out fan speed.
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    Q9650 vid 1.30 Oced 3.8G DDR3 1333 long term statistics

    Wow I'm impressed you are gaming with such old hardware. I remember playing Supreme Commander on a 2007. I don't know if I own any electronics in my house that is from pre-financial crisis anymore, other than my launch PS3 that I use to rip Japanese market SACDs occasionally or some...
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    Sexy but "can it run Crysis"?

    Nothing can run Crysis because it was designed for dual core CPUs. The game engine was built at a time when people thought Pentium 4s would scale up to 10GHz and RDRAM would drive high bandwidth memory requirements.
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    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    The Gigabyte Z690I because that's the only ITX board available right now sadly
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    Alder Lake launching November 4th

    Intel can finally say they can move on from their 2012 roadmap now...lmao
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    Alder Lake launching November 4th

    Interesting. For me, seems like P-cores are being loaded more, even when I am just web browsing.
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    Alder Lake launching November 4th

    Unless you plan stuff with a lot of AI NPCs. Isometric style RPGs or 4X games can still be CPU bound at 4K depending on the title.
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    9700k upgrade to i7-12700KF

    I saw a decent uplift from 9900K to 12700K but that's because I play very CPU intensive games, I would say about 20% on average in RPGs or RTS games. But if you don't play very CPU intensive games or do any productivity work you probably should wait a bit more.
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    It's a good clue that clock speeds will be a lot higher if power consumption will be so high. Nvidia will be getting some of their gains through frequency increases rather than IPC. I would expect the next refresh on TSMC to use less power as they get more experience with these new TSMC nodes...
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    Ars Technica article: No end to chip shortages

    40% of American assets (real estate, businesses, etc) are owned by foreigners now. This was less than 10% prior to the 1980s, back when the US was running a trade surplus. Now we are running $1 trillion a year trade deficits. Pretty soon everything in this country will be owned by foreigners and...