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    looking for 4U rack case: E-ATX, GPU, ATX PSU, 140mm fans

    Maybe just go with a shelf and an "open frame" concept with a motherboard tray and fascia to mount your fans? Guiding airflow may be a trick but I can't imagine shrouds would be too difficult. edit: Come to think of it you could use any rack mount case as the base and leave the top off. Would...
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    looking for 4U rack case: E-ATX, GPU, ATX PSU, 140mm fans Looks like it checks your boxes. 3 front panel 120mm fans, 3 mid plane 120's, 2 80mm rear fans. Compatible through eATX motherboards and ATX PSU.
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    Need a Bookshelf Speaker Setup

    Ugly, but works: Add a laptop power brick and just about any passive speakers and you're set. I have a similar board wired into an order picker at work with a pair of paradigm bookshelves and it shocks...
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    MSI GF62-8RE black screen

    Reseat any cables that may have been bumped? No doubt my experience is less than yours, but I've had trouble with ribbon cables that were bumped only slightly out of alignment that caused problems till I went back and tweaked how they sat. Particularly this one circled in red. The position looks...
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    Mx Cherry Blue keyboards

    Need to second the redragon stuff. I have a k552 red led, and I got an RGB version for my son. Both are clicky tactile switches, I can't complain for the $40 CAD I paid for each. They're definitely an economy product, but a fair step above membrane keyboards in the price range.
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    Motorola Edge X30

    Bullshit, if 3.5 were dead they wouldn't be selling USB-C to 3.5 converters/DACs. It's less important that it once was, but there are PLENTY of people who still use it.
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    what is the cheapest ssd with dram

    This is correct, totally forgot about SATA m.2
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    what is the cheapest ssd with dram

    Assuming it's the same spec (PCIe 3.0, 4.0, whatever the case may be) the speed will be the same over a PCIe slot as it would over m.2. It's the same signals, using a different connection.
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    I don't have anything to add, I do want to say that this is fantastic work. This kind of innovation leads to breakthroughs and it's exciting to see it happening in this field at a grassroots level. I know you've been at it a while, please keep going.
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    Arctic MX-4 4g fake?

    Bought this a couple months ago from Canada computers. I'd say yours is fake. Typeface is entirely different and there's no logo present.
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    Feedback on project to help new system builders

    Seemed straight forward to me. I only went through the form once to see what it would spit out for something in line with what I'd use day to day. For $1000 I think your options are a little low end. I have a similar setup to what's suggested ((2600k, z68, 16g DDR3 1600, 1 tb ssd) $200 combo...
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    Feedback on project to help new system builders

    Just ran through. Gaming/autocad tower sub $1000. Pretty sure Z87 won't support a 10600K.
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    Looking for a budget mid-tower to put my old 3770k into, can't find one that fits. Cougar MX330 1 5.25" bays 2 3.5" bays 2 2.5" mounting points 5 120mm fan locations (2 front, 2 top, 1 rear, 1 side(solid side panel only) 4 front USB (2 usb 3, 2 usb 2) I grabbed one for $40 a couple months ago. It's cheap in areas (thin metal)...
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    Should i got for a full upgrade or partial one ? (Is X99 and i7 5960x still relavent in 2020)?

    Yeah, it's perfectly stable, and nothing I do requires anything much more powerful. I don't have time for hours on end gaming any more and until ryzen dropped I had no itch to upgrade. I'll likely wait for zen 4 and scoop up a zen 3 setup at the clearance sale.