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    Google Nexus One (unlocked) / 37" Westinghouse LCD (Ohio pickup)

    Yep, I've already purchased the Nexus One and I'm already selling it :o. Unit is obviously in near new condition with no scratches and is already unlocked for the GSM carrier of your choice. All original accessories are included and still sealed in the box. ~ $520 shipped. I'm also selling a...
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    SWTOR: Not Until Spring 2011?

    Confirmed that they are targeting for Spring 2011. Don't be surprised if it gets delayed. :D
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    Final Fantasy XIII for $56.99 pre order + $10 Game Credit

    Just got this for the PS3. Pretty good deal considering I get release date guarantee with Prime. Thanks OP.
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    SWTOR: Not Until Spring 2011?

    From a business standpoint, what company wouldn't want that? Anyway, I'm glad this game isn't coming out for while.Hopefully Bioware will have plenty of time to get the game polished more than most of the MMO crap we've received recently.
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    Gametrailers GOTY...

    Yeah, their stuff is really well done and they actually had the sense to include a best multiplatform category, instead of blanketing the same 5 games for each platform. Guess I should visit this site more often. I don't recall Gametrailers using a single platform exclusive in any of their GOTY...
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    What Game are you looking forward to most in 2010?

    Mass Effect 2 for me
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    Best 5 Console/console peripheral/console game you bought in 2009?

    As far as games go for me... Uncharted 2 Batman: AA Assassin's Creed II (Which is a surprise considering how much I hated the first one) Shadow Complex DJ Hero My personal biggest disappointment: Modern Warfare 2. *Yawn*
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    Westinhouse LVM-37w3 refurb $329 + shipping compgeeks

    How far are you guys sitting away when using it as a main PC monitor? I've had this unit since it came out and it was just way too big when on a desk. I then started to use it as my main TV for the past 3 yrs until a few days ago when I got a 55" LCD TV. Now I have the 37" westy on the floor...
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    Steam Winter Sale is LIVE!

    Guess no Mass Effect PC sale. Should've bought it from EA for $10. Damn it. :mad:
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    New Heavy Rain trailer (NSFW)

    Looks interesting but seems more like a rental experience than anything else. I'd still like to play it regardless since this company's other game, indigo prophecy, was fairly entertaining.
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    Steam Sale - Daily Speculation

    If there were some way I could gift the game back through Steam, I would. Aion was one of the worst purchases I made this year. :(
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    2 Free Huggies Pull-Ups

    With a name like "Sir_Poop_Alot", I'd say it was a good find too. :D
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    Steam Winter Sale is LIVE!

    EA has Mass Effect for $10 if you do a digital download. I'm pretty close to buying it but I'd rather have it on steam because... uhh... I'm not really sure why. :(
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    Steam Winter Sale is LIVE!

    I just got this. Was only $2.50 and I'm definitely bored right now so... why not? :cool:
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    Steam Winter Sale is LIVE!

    Mirror's Edge is on sale now for $4.99 and that's an EA game. I'm tying to hold out for Mass Effect personally.