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    California Officially Becomes First in Nation Mandating Solar Power for New Homes

    I guess you've never saw an old gas station be ripped apart and had their tanks removed. Normally there is not much left with them. Steel Tanks do not fare to well when they are buried under ground even if they are used for non fuel storage. Under ground steel tanks have a life span of 15 years...
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    Samsung Is Bringing the Linux Environment to Smartphones

    Samsung has been wanting to shed Android for a long time and they have been working on a Linux phone OS for over 6 years now along with the Tizen OS, 2013 , that didn't pan out well. ... Samsung has a very poor record / success rate on in house and alternative Phone OS development. This is why...
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    Homelessness Tax Would Target Rich Tech Sector in San Francisco

    This is true with SF and now Oakland. When you have rentals that were filled with middle class families and average person already paying a hefty price for their place and when their lease is up they find their selves facing a triple and in some cases X5 increase to keep their place.. This is...
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    Photos Suggest China Might Have a Hypersonic Railgun

    Interesting at first I thought the 055 destroyer too but then i looked at the Bow and the forward then noticed the area platform would be to small to be on the 055 also the 055 destroyer has guided missile in the front next where the EM gun is placed ,weight , heat , and the small...
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    Photos Suggest China Might Have a Hypersonic Railgun

    This is a prop it's not a Hypersonic Railgun i doubt is even a real weapon. The weight of something this huge on the forward / bow of a ship alone if real would cause issues for stability and the forward part of the ship would be farther down into the water. Also if something that huge and...
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    PCMag: Apple Is Ready to Ditch the Mac

    I'm not sure what position that Windows guy was put in but the sys admin roll has changed in the last few years with companies and people expecting to much out of that one position. Everyone expects a Jack of all trades and a master of everything. They no longer want a specialist on specific...
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    PCMag: Apple Is Ready to Ditch the Mac

    Yes and no... yes = What I'm saying is You can't go full on Enterprise running your company exclusively or 80% or higher on Mac and Apple alone. No = I never mentioned Windows in my post. You automatically assumed Windows. If you are running Enterprise you are best off Running it as a mix...
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    PCMag: Apple Is Ready to Ditch the Mac

    Apple seems to be chasing it's tail and not sure what to do these days with it's Mac line up. They wanted to kill off the Mac mini and Mac Pro 2+ years ago but never did but It wouldn't surprise me if the did kill off the Mac lines and stick with just their phone and IPad due to ROI on these...
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    She Downloaded 54K Pr0ns

    Actually it still goes on most ISP could care less about it unless it's one of their enterprise clients. Dos attacks are one of the most non stopped forms of spoofing and ISPs don't seem to stop those much then you have man in the middle spoofing & Non-Blind Spoofing all are still common and...
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    She Downloaded 54K Pr0ns

    It wouldn't sup[rise me she if had some exploit software on her computer that allowed some else to spoof her IP or her ISP wasn't doing a very good job on network control... this kind of reeks IP address spoofing . Then again who knows she could actually be guilty and was part of some kind of...
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    Uber Launches Self-Driving Cars in Arizona After California Ban

    Uber still has their autonomous cars in CA and they are currently testing them in SF. They were allowed back in after Jan. These cars are doing autonomous test and also mapping. I see them all the time here but each car tends to have about 3 or more Uber employees in them. 2 in the front one in...
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    Google, Mozilla to Anti-Virus and Security Firms: “Stop Trashing HTTPS”

    They talk about Avira in the PDF ... the whole read is visually tricky, they wrote the below part in very small font size so if you are speed reading or just glancing through the file you'll miss it... after reading the pdf the whole thing seems one sided and targeted for some Corp political...
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    Google, Mozilla to Anti-Virus and Security Firms: “Stop Trashing HTTPS”

    Then don't do your banking at work...sorry to sound like dicck but If you're doing stuff on Company time and using Company resources to do non company stuff then you are basically giving out your data to them and it is going to be snooped on. Anyway I doubt many companies actually intentionally...
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    AT&T 5G Network Coming to Austin and Indianapolis, Offering 400Mbps Speeds

    It's political.... Mike Pence . TW &ATT merger . or Randal or Butch have investment ops there.
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    Uber Forced To Remove Self-Driving Cars From San Francisco Roads

    SF doesn't have a lot of super twisty streets there are a few but not many. Now the scary part is the Hills on some streets , some can have a 20% + grade ... its easy to go a few block up or down a street that is 3-5 % for a few blocks and then ramp up to 20% the next block. Which then can...