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    File Abnormality Causes Duplicate Tax Refunds

    Nope, received a 1099-INT from the federal govt for interest paid. The catch is this note on the 1099-INT, This amount may represent interest on an over payment for more than one year. See dandirk's post #18. The again is a reference to all the govt is bad rhetoric I have been hearing since the...
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    File Abnormality Causes Duplicate Tax Refunds

    Your govt hate is misinformed, again. I had to file an extension last year and when I got my refund it was more than I what I filed. IRS paid me interest on my refund.
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    Senate Report: Equifax Accused of Failing to Prioritize Cybersecurity

    Why would any corporation care about securing your personal information? There are no consequences when the information is stolen other than providing more revenue to the credit monitoring corporations. The only ones that suffer from this stolen information are the people that have their...
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    San Francisco Uses Computer Algorithm to Dismiss 9,362 Marijuana Convictions

    If you are going to go down that road then start looking at people that are over weight, that don't exercise, don't sleep enough. At least marijuana is taxed heavily and exactly what medical problems are caused by marijuana? Plenty of medical issues caused from the behaviors I mentioned.
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    California Lawmaker Wants to Move toward E-receipts

    How about printing receipts that don't use chemicals that are dangerous to your health?
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    Harley Davidson Reveals the Pricing and Specs of Its "Livewire" Electric Motorcycles

    I do the same thing! I use old pinball machine balls for attention getters
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    The Chinese Social Credit Score System Has Already Been Implemented

    Proving my point that the right and the left are two sides of the same corporate coin
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    The Chinese Social Credit Score System Has Already Been Implemented

    One of the biggest steps in surveillance in the USA, The Patriot Act of 2001, implemented by the Republicans. When will people learn that the Left and Right are two sides of the same corporate controlled coin.
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    Silicon Valley Wages Are Shrinking for All Except the Top 90th Percentile

    If you cannot afford to live someplace, then move. Cost of living is much less in other parts of the country.
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    Robots Replace Waiters at the 'Robot.He' Restaurant in Shanghai

    Since most of the jobs that required only a high school education have been shipped overseas, these starting/training jobs are the majority of jobs that are left in this country. 50 years ago, you could pump gas and support a family. Someone earning the minimum wage in 1963 would have earned...
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    Robots Replace Waiters at the 'Robot.He' Restaurant in Shanghai

    It's called a living wage so the taxpayers don't have to subsidize corporations by providing food, housing, medical care to their employees.
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    China Is Hijacking the US Internet Backbone

    So, the Chinese are doing the same thing the NSA is doing?
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    Evidence of Supermicro Infected Hardware Found at U.S. Telecom

    Read the article In the case of the telecommunications company, Sepio's technology detected that the tampered Supermicro server actually appeared on the network as two devices in one. The legitimate server was communicating one way, and the implant another, but all the traffic appeared to be...
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    Intel Introduces Unlocked 28 Core Xeon and Refreshes Skylake X

    Won't buy a new CPU until Meltdown/Spectre and their variants are fixed in the die.
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    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    No, the NSA has their exploits embedded in the CPUs themselves.