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    iPhone X

    Exactly. I have never understood what the big fuss is about with the notch. I never notice it being there.
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    So happy I didn't update to iOS11.

    I've hated iOS 11 since day one. Unfortunately I didn't have a choice since that's what came on my iPhone X.
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    The (loaded, ~$2K after taxes) MacBook isn't so bad.

    I just bought a 13" MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar and I'm super happy with the laptop. These things are super expensive at like $1800. Thankfully one of my friends works for Apple and one of her perks is a 25% discount on a Mac computer. So what should have cost me like $1900 actually ran me like...
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    Wife wants a new Mac

    The current MacBook is just crap. That is unless you only want to use it for checking email and/or browsing the web. Otherwise it's a very underpowered $1200 but pretty Apple laptop. I bought one to try and I returned it two days later. It was way too weak for doing some simple multitasking...
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    Worth to jailbreak still ?

    I can't remember when was the last time that I jail broke my iPhones. Probably the reason why they've been problem free the whole time.
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    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide

    I was about to buy a Samsung 4K monitor but I couldn't get it to work with my 2015 13" MacBook pro laptop. So I went with Dell and it works great!
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    How To Block Windows 10 Upgrades

    I recently tried a Surface Pro 3 after ditching the entire Windows platform back in 2007 in favor of going to the Apple route. A coworker of mine was using a SP3 so I figured I'd buy one in hopes of appreciating Windows once again. Well, let's just say that didn't work out once I began using the...
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    do you periodically format your macbooks?

    Ive had my 27" iMac and I have never had to reformat the hard drive. Of course I've updated the OS with newer versions but I've never had to reformat. That's the beauty of owning a Mac. they work, period.....
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    Some help with upgrading the HDD in my PS3 Slim

    I took the time and I read that thread. Someone said any 2.5 SATA HDD will work but I'm not seeing it happen. As I said earlier, I have two different types of PS3 Slim HDDs in front of me. I'm just gonna buy a 1TB drive and hope for the best. I actually bought a PS4 but I then returned it...
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    Some help with upgrading the HDD in my PS3 Slim

    nope, it doesn't. my spare 250GB drive will not fit in to the 120GB's place. they don't have the same connections.
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    Some help with upgrading the HDD in my PS3 Slim

    So here's the deal. I have a 120GB PS3 Slim model that I want to upgrade the HDD to a 1TB if possible for that size. I already have a spare 250GB HDD that I took from a spare PS3 Slim console that I sold off for parts. I tried to use it in place of the original 120GB drive but I noticed the two...
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    Giving my old 27" iMac some new life....

    why don't you have TRIM enabled fulltime?
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    Giving my old 27" iMac some new life....

    ^ the point of my thread is this. I was on the verge of spending another $1800 on a new iMac just because my five year old iMac started to show some signs of aging. Instead, I spent maybe $300 and the end result was a five year old iMac that runs like a 5 day old iMac. This kind of bumbed me out...
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    Giving my old 27" iMac some new life....

    Just curious as to how could you reuse the temp sensor when it's part of the original drive?
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    Giving my old 27" iMac some new life....

    Yeah, that's a common issue due to the SSD not having any thermal temp reporting ports. You can get a program called HDD fan control that fixes the issue.