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    I Hate Dell

    The last time I tried to RMA a system, I discovered that their parts, warranty support, and technical support departments all don't talk to each other. And that every time you call in, you're given a new case number despite already having one because they go incident by incident instead of the...
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    Cool Rocking Chair

    It looks like a piece of furniture from the Andromeda.
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    Video card build, structure and composition

    I've been a system builder for a long time now and a few things have always puzzled me. Why are the GPU's on the bottom of the card? Why is there no heatsink on the back(top) of the video card? And why isn't the GPU in a zif socket like the cpu is? Wouldn't this make upgrading a...
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    Man Shoots Television After DTV Tantrum

    Imho, I don't blame him! We have 3 DTV converters here and one of them is built-in on a brand shpankity new 32" lcd tv. And all 3 converters get a different channel grouping no matter how many times we scan for channels, even though the broadcast antennas are only 5 miles away. One of the things...
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    How Old Is The Internet

    Looking at the image, I'm reminded of the neural structure of some of the larger dinosaurs like the Brontosaur which, not only had a brain like every other creature(the cluster to the left side in the image), but also a sub-brain down near the hips(the cluster on the right side in the image)...
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    Another Entry in WTF USB Market: Beer-filled Thumbdrive

    First the USB Hamdrive, now a USBeer drive. USB: Unbelievably Small Beer. Think of it this way, it's passively watercooled drive.
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    Gadgets Made Of Meat

    I wonder how much lettuce is in that wallet?
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    Gadgets Made Of Meat

    One word: Spork.
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    Gadgets Made Of Meat

    Gee, when do the new Spamintosh laptops come out? I also miss my old PowerPorcine2700.
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    Gadgets Made Of Meat

    I'm waiting for the iPork and the iPork Shuffle.
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    Gadgets Made Of Meat

    Yeah, that's the new USB Hamdrive. It has 64Gigaporks of storage.
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    Hi-Tech Punching Bag

    I can seriously see this bag, and others like it, being used to train our atheletes. Different lights for different punches along with impact sensors to trigger the differnt lights would offer quick visual cues as to whether or not a punch was delivered properly and can aid the coach in teaching...
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    Can Of Whoopass Needed

    No surprise here. EVERYTHING is down this morning. Nikkei, FTSE, NASDAQ, everything!!! Just wait & see if there's a rally this afternoon.
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    Futuristic Computer Design

    Laying in bed, looking at the images on the ceiling......
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    Make Your Own EL Wire Suit

    I'd wear it..... .....if I was going to a TRON convention or something.