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    X470 Taicji question

    It seems to be running just fine with just the 8-pin connected. I'm not OCing. So needing any 'extra" power shouldn't be a concern.
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    Rebuild considering AMD

    For roughly $200.00 less (which you could use for other upgrades if you wish) you could go with this:,_ASRock_X470_Taichi_CPU-Motherboard_Bundle This would be a very solid system and do everything you want to...
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    ComputerBase 4K HDR Testing Shows Performance Loss for AMD and NVIDIA

    A number of years back, NVidia had the same problem when you turned on AA. They bragged about how much faster they were than the ATI cards, but when reviewers turned on AA, the ATI card kicked their butts.
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    X470 Taicji question

    My X370 Taichi MB went tits up, and rather than waiting for the RMA process, I decided to just get a new MB and RMA later. While looking, I noticed that the X470 was not all that much more $$ than the X370 so I decided that I'd go with the X470 since it would be a bit of an upgrade. I'll be...
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    AMD clarifies a bit more FreeSync 2 HDR (DisplayHDR 600) certification

    Freesync 2 and HDR was made available in FC5 with the 1.7 patch on July 16. This must be an update of that.
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    Far Cry 5

    Or, you can go to the map, zoom all the way out, and when you put the cursor over each region, it will give you all of your stats in that region.
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    no video signal to monitor

    Sounds like you have eliminated everything except the monitor. Have you tried the monitor on a different system?
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    Far Cry 5

    No. It's on the main menu screen under options/video. However, you do need a monitor that supports HDR. I found out the FREESYNC 2 support was added in the 1.07 patch/update which was released on Jun 16. So, it wasn't available when I first tried enabling HDR on Jun 9, so I didn't miss...
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    Far Cry 5

    I know that it's been awhile, but here's an update. Just after my last post I enabled HDR. I used the HDR10 option. I was not impressed. In fact it was worse that standard as text on builds was 'corrupted' and it jus looked horrible. I didn;t even bother to travel though the map to see if...
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    Radeon Software Adrenalin 18.6.1 Drivers Released

    Wait just a cotton pickin minute! You have a laptop. On the AMD driver site it SPECIFICALLY states that the drivers there are NOT for laptops, and to check your laptop vender's site for drivers. You install the drivers, have problems and somehow it's AMD's fault? You Sir, need to turn your...
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    Far Cry 5

    Ok gentlemen, I need some input. I just got a Samsung C27HG70 monitor (2560 x 1440, 144Hz). When I was changing the settings for the new resolution, I saw that HDR is now an option. So, my question is: Is turning on HDR worth it in FC5, or am I better off not enabling it? ETA: I'm running...
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    27" vs. 31.5" help me decide

    Thanks for the helpful info. I found the outside dimensions of the 31.5" and made a cardboard cut out. It's just too danged big for the amount of desk space I have, so.... As soon as I finish posting this, I'm off the "The Egg" to order the 27"
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    What games had the best music?

    The original UNREAL. Fallout New Vegas.
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    Are these forums running on a potato?

    Must be something at your end. It works fine for me. When was the last time you rebooted your router?
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    27" vs. 31.5" help me decide

    Meanwhile, lets get back to the topic. What would be the pros and cons of a 27" monitor vs. a 31.5" when all other things are equal?