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    Which provider has the best coverage?

    I had the same issue. I called and told them I was considering switching, they sent me an Airave mobile cell tower for free and waived the monthly charge. Hook it up to your home internet, full bars at home. You can also restrict it to your numbers if you choose, otherwise anyone within range...
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    Warner Bros. Imposing 56 Day Delay On DVD Rentals

    I HATE the unskippable crap. I wish you could hack BR players like some of the DVD players back in the day.
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    Street Fighter 4 Thread

    If he had the A3 FP, he'd be broken, that thing was ridiculous lol. I have been using the far FP as a psuedo frame trap after a blocked c. Jab or Short. If they jump or use the wrong normal, they get hit and knocked down, then I get a free splash mixup.
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    Street Fighter 4 Thread

    They want Zangief to be good, but not bordeline OP and annoying like Vanill 'Gief. He is still limited by the Seth and Sagat matchups, so unfortunately, not much will be different. FlashMetroid and Vangief will do well with him, and that's about it. I think the best buff is the hitbox fix on c...
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Would love to get off the Integrated Chipset graphics...not [H]ard ar all...
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    xbox 360 dashboard update

    TBF, if I couldn't use Netflix on my phone and 360 so conveniently, I would have dropped streaming when I dropped DVD by mail, and just download everything, so they still get 8 a month from me. The other services don't stream thru the console, so i don't even consider them, and I assume no...
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    xbox 360 dashboard update

    +1 for cloud saves. About effing time for improved Netflix with 5.1 surround. Waiting to see what happens with the rest of the "apps".
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    Skyrim .... eh, I'm guessing the game will take a beating here

    My heartfelt suggestion is to stop being salty about PC this, console that, and JUST PLAY THE GAME. It is AWESOME.
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    What's your desert island game?

    I would say Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, but since it's single player only...Fallout:New Vegas or Skyrim (haven't played much Skyrim yet, so not sure)
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    Xbox Action RPG Coop Games?

    Two or more players on one system/tv. For me and the wife. The last Tomb Raider is a good example, but we prefer RPGs.
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    Xbox Action RPG Coop Games?

    Anything with really good LOCAL co-op?
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    Netflix Takes Up 32.7% of Internet Bandwidth

    This. If they are awarded or allowed any more money, they should be forced to improve bandwidth and infrastructure with it.
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    Man Steals 54 Copies of Madden 12 On Camera

    Wow, just had to be a black man stealing "Dat Madden". I'm no saint, but wow. And have you never heard of a hat, dumbass? The only way this isn't total stupidity is if he's not from that town.