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    Rumor Mill: Intel Core-i9 CPUs to Appear Soon - Lots of Cores

    Who would buy that many cores w/only 28 lanes? It just seems like a waste, and makes me happier I picked up a 6850k.
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    Apple Hopes To Charge $40 For TV Subscription Service

    This is an entire waste at that price point. The media companies are pushing for the same rate that cable already charges. I know Cox in my area offers 50 channels for $38 a month w/no contract/special promotions.
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    Windows 10: Sometimes Game Resolution Change Results in All Screens Black?

    I am having the occasional black screen issue too. It seems to happen when im running the game in windowed mode but Its not my active window while launching. When I go back to the game after it loads the screen just goes black.
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    3dfx discussion/appreciation thread

    I remember the first time I started quake 2 after installing my voodoo 3 3000. what a great day.
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    Nvidia 344.65 WHQL released - Display port corruption STILL NOT FIXED!

    I had to RMA my card through Newegg. New Card runs great and no issues with black screens/blinking screens now.
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    GTX980 black screen on display port.

    well that is your opinion, but my results with the RMA have been fantastic and no issues on my new card. While my first card I had issues from the get the go w/it not wanting to recognize in windows and then display port problems right away. I have 2 dell and 1 Samsumg montior fwiw.
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    GTX980 black screen on display port.

    You basically prepay for the new card; they then mail it out with return shipping for the older card and then process a full refund upon receipt of the damaged card. they did next day me the card for free as well.
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    GTX980 black screen on display port.

    I have had the new card hooked up now for a few hours with no more blinking monitors. So I don't think its all maxwell cards. If you are having this issue, based on my experience I recommend you just RMA the card or Advanced RMA if you can afford it to ensure the new card works.
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    GTX980 black screen on display port.

    I just filed and advanced rma w/newegg; I am hoping it was just a bad EVGA card and its replacement works out. I will be sure to follow up.
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    GTX980 black screen on display port.

    Interesting news. I use the dp to dvi cables, I'm not sure that the dp 1.2 issue would affect me.
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    GTX980 black screen on display port.

    I am running the 2DP and 1 DVI as well and the DPs are the monitors that will randomly blink and go black.
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    Antec EDGE 750W Power Supply Lucky Draw

    That is a beautiful upgrade to my 5 year old and still running great 650w Antec Powersuppply.
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    Hackers Put Porn On Billboard

    lol, they missed censoring some things. that is was of the funniest things ive seen in a while.
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    23 Google Wave Invites .... Go

    pm sent
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    Radeon 5000 series bugs

    did you guys also great screen blink/refreshes as well?