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    Logo Request for my small cellphone website

    Hey guys, I'm own/operate a small import cellphone business and I need a logo for my new website. Company name is: Gsmhookup or I know, Its a ghetto name but lots of people know the name and I cant change it anymore. Anyways, If there is a logo I really like, I will pay...
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    Accessing computers on windows xp network?

    yep, all PC's are running Windows XP home or Pro,
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    Accessing computers on windows xp network?

    hey guys.. I have a 6 computer wireless/wired network here, all under same workgroup name w/ file and printer sharing enabled.. They are all accessible except for one..whenever i double click it asks for password.. I checked all settings and found no admin or user pass on it.. any idea how i...
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    Just bought an Ipod Nano

    also check Anapod and congrats
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    Tell me about frontrow.

    You install those codecs.. and it will play everything. Its not like Apple is goin to bundle Divx, xvid, etc..
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    Usenet Newsreader for mac?

    Unison? EDIT: >>> Universal Binary!!
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    End the Whine - May 20th, 2006 Digg it >>
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    "nmbd" calling/making weird connections?

    Hey guys, i noticed app named "nmbd" making couple of strange connections today.. not sure what its communicating and why :confused: ..I only noticed them today when i started using Camino instead of Firefox browser. any idea what its trying to do and whether it should be allowed ? thanks...
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    "nmbd" calling/making weird connections?

    sorry, double post :(
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    6G iPod AV! Real Pictures!!!

    its fake, head over to and check comments.
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    I'm tired of playing with free software to get videos on my ipod

    check the sticky >>>
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    Windows Formatted External drive not supported on OS X 10.4.5?

    Hey guys, i just got 12.1" Powerbook G4 1.33Ghz 768Mb ram, 80GB hdd from a friend who upgraded to new MBP..This is my first Mac so please explain comment in layman's/PC user terms :p I have this 40Gb External WD drive in Vantec enclosure.. been using it on PC for a while now.. all my data...
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    Cheap but effective IP Cam solutions?

    Thanks for the advice man :) I think i'll go for the D-link 900w ones.. specs look nice and are affordable too :D cheers everyone.