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    NEW CS:S Zboard Keyboard OMGZ it makes u L337!!!

    Does it have any benefits ergonomically? i.e. reduce RSI?
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    Is OSX a "tweaker's" operating system?

    Where can I find that iTunes menubar control? And what is that icon in your menubar which is like a paw-print?
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    2GB o' RAM w/ 256MB Card....

    Yes but graphics cards tend to be superceded(sp?) quicker too. Looking at benchmarks, is 512MB really being utilised by the current games on the market?
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    What the..... - LOOK AT THIS!

    The only thing that worries me more than some people thinking it was real is the people who don't immediately recognise the accent as being you guys live under a rock or something? Anyway, the whole in the table was probably there already. Wouldn't take much of a force to propel...
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    Best all time Windows OS?

    How original... :rolleyes: Can someone tell me if Media Center is worth bothering with or if the same can be done with XP Pro SP2 and some 3rd party apps? BTW I voted for XP Pro
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    Are you more or less willing to buy a mac right now

    I don't understand why everyone was getting so worked up about it. I'll be buying a 15inch powerbook to replace my 12inch iBook sometime in the future, and unless I find a cheap one on eBay, i'm waiting till the Intel mac benchmarks are released and hopefully the price of powerbooks comes down.
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    Let's 'build' an AMD system for gaming.

    Blargh i too am after the same thing, I have put this together but I am hoping that you guys know somewhere where I can get the components cheaper? MSI NX6800-TD256E GeForce 6800 256MB DDR TV-Out/DVI (PCI-Express) - Retail - £223.19 AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Winchester 90nm (Socket 939) - £211.44...
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    The search for an iPod case... Seems to be going along the same line as iPod socks?
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    Finally bought my iBook.... and its here!

    Argh you make me very jealous. I'm getting mine this weekend hopefully, perhaps from the new flagship store in Regents Street, London (if you can pick them up off the shelf that is). I have to research student discounts too, anyone know how much you get off?
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    Sc0rian what model are those Samsung monitors of yours? They look great! Other random questions: What size are they? How do they perform for gaming?
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    It's called Classix10k2 As for the app, I don't know which one you mean. YzDock are the icons at the top Miranda is the messenger AveDesk is doing the rss feeds.
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    Post your pc screen shots!

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    Post your desktop

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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    What is the blue glowing thing at the bottom of the lava lamp and to the right of the MX1000?
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    hl2 case mod(not mine)

    I much prefer the bit-tech verision although I like how the water cooling was done on the other one.