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    OLED Computer Monitors?

    @all the CRT fanboys, how are you going to have 3 screens on swinging arm mounts, in an office?
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    Fans to replace H80i Stock

    Fan tech moves slow, the nf-f12 is still top end - and expensive. For really quiet, you might give a top end air heatsink some thought. The best is the nh-d15. It's huge tho.
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    Noctua NH-L9i low profile cooler - thoughts?

    It will more than satisfy your needs.
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    Installed two new 230MM fans and now my OC results in boot loop

    Perhaps you bumped something inside the case? Causing a short?
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    Best AIO CPU Coolers of 2014

    Water is a more efficient design than air, but more expensive. Given time, AIOs will be quieter and more effective than air. It took Noctua a lot of R&D time+money to get air cooling to where it is now (And Phanteks none to copy them). Of course innovation in the field has to find a way around...
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    Case fan question in reguards to controlling them

    I really like the look of the nzxt switch
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    H100i water cooler and 4790k

    Don't use prime... And delid.
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    980 Classified Max Voltage

    There is not a safe limit, just do whatever you're cool with.
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    Time to delid.. advice needed.

    good job. I was a bit apprehensive when delidding the first time to :)
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    Where Can I Buy New Socket A Processors?

    ebay. They'll cost you almost nothing, but they won't be new.
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    Using PCIex1 in PCIe-x16/x4 slot?

    If it fits, it works.
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    x58 Gulftown GPU advice

    That would be great! SLI 970's are an option for more cash and more performance, up to you.
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    AMD claims it will power another gaming device

    Hopefully they make money doing so...
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    Which Video Card to go with my PSU?

    970 is a hell of a value. 290 is hot/loud/inferior.