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    When will 10Gb networking become cheap?

    10GBe is cheap 16 port SFP+ 10GBe brand new $400 retail. You can probably find one cheaper on eBay if you look.
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    IOT Security HW: Useful or not?

    As a security professional by trade I can tell you that an IoT device to protect your IoT devices is a waste of time/money. From a practical perspective the best things you can do that are low maintenance are: 1. Setup a second VLAN on your Firewall and have all of your IOT things connect to...
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    Areca timeout error

    Try setting it to 7 and let's see what happens. Shouldn't need to do this, but until you get the cables to bypass the enclosure it's about all we can do.
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    Areca timeout error

    What are the TLER options? I would start there.
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    Areca timeout error

    What firmware version is on the drives? Can you bypass the enclosure and connect the drives directly to the card? Honestly, the Norco is the biggest wildcard in this setup. I would also contact Areca support, they are usually really good about helping people out.
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    60" TV recommendations

    You can probably pick up a good deal on a KS8000 (really good 4k HDR set) @ Sams or Costco. I bought a 55" recently at Sams for $800.
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    Next iteration of SFF NAS

    I have not see anything, but have been looking for something similar. I have been debating building a case that has 8x 3.5 Hotswap bays and 4x2.5 hotswap bays. Anyways subbed for interest.
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    NFS Mount - CentOS w/ multiple users

    Background - Moving NZBGet and Sonarr to CentOS from Windows. Have multiple accounts: root, stephen(me), NZBGet, and Sonarr. Want all of the accounts to have access to the NFS mount on system startup. As root I have mounted my Synology NFS share [root@PVR stephen]# cat /etc/fstab # #...
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    Looking for recommendation on AIO for silent build

    Yea i plugged it into the Fan header set to 100% and got nothing, runs a fan as expected. I guess I will start an exchange.
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    Looking for recommendation on AIO for silent build

    So I grabbed an AC 120 after ready the review here on H. Installed it tonight and after a few minutes of the computer being turned on idle the temps rose to 100c :( I took it off, reset it...same results. Put on the Intel HSF and I am getting 27c Cant seem to figure out what could be wrong...
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    Looking for recommendation on AIO for silent build

    O nice...I did not realize any AIO for the 1080 had been announced! I was thinking an EVGA 980 TI Hybrid, but feel silly spending that much on a previous gen GPU.
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    Looking for recommendation on AIO for silent build

    Looking to build a SFF ITX system that is near silent as possible. This will be my work computer for home and my desk area is in the same room as my main living area. I will not be overclocking the CPU or GPU. I do run the GPU @100% when I need to do some brute force / hashing work. Here is...
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    Help w/ first SFF Build

    Here is a parts list I started, would appreciate the input. Core i7-6700 3.4GHz Quad-Core, Define Nano S Mini ITX Desktop - System Build - PCPartPicker
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    Help w/ first SFF Build

    Hey guys, looking to build a SFF PC. Will be used as my daily driver w/ occasional gaming use. GPUs will mostly be used for work purposes (cracking hashes). Smaller the better, but being quiet is my #1 concern. On to the questions. 1. What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming, Photoshop...
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    5x Seagate 4TB SATA 64MB Cache 6Gb/s Desktop 3.5" Hard Drive ST4000DM000

    Selling 5x Seagate 5TB HDDs that i pulled from my Synology and replaced with 8TB drives. Seagate 4TB SATA 64MB Cache 6Gb/s Desktop 3.5" Hard Drive ST4000DM000