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    USB back bracket

    Might be in the settings somewhere then. Maybe a the video need to be enabled. Have you check in device manager to see if there are drivers not installed. What is the model of the webcam?
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    iPhone 5 Kills Woman, Apple Investigating

    You know after 2 failed suicides and trying to make sure I don't f-up the 3rd, I make funny of just about anything including me. Don't really care about color or flags.;)
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    MS May be Upgrading the Specs of the Xbox One

    Hopefully have it where you don't need the Kinect connected .
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    Competitive Gaming Recognized in U.S. as a Pro Sport

    Teabagging including? Wonder if there are fines for doing that....
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    USB back bracket

    What OS are you using? Is it the same on the old MOBO? Does your webcam transmit audio and video through USB together or use a mic jack? Have you update the BIOS? Installed all drivers for the MOBO, the USB bracket is just a straight connection from the MOBO to USB ports and have no circuits so...
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    1 in 10 Americans Use Smartphones During Sex

    Where do you think those home made sex videos come from?
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    Audio Pioneer Dr. Amar Bose Has Died

    I always bought other sound equipment.
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    Researchers Develop Disc with 360TB Capacity

    Glass? Don't drop it. Hmm, Star Trek data crystals....
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    Intel’s TV Set Top Box Includes A Built-In Camera

    Just imagine they have the software written were if the camera is taped over, the unit won't work.:eek:
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    Intel’s TV Set Top Box Includes A Built-In Camera

    A few months ago my local news station reported hackers can hack into PC webcams. Wonder how easy it is for consoles and STBes? With they would put a physical switch on these type of devices. Excludes cells and tablets since those are usually set down.
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    PS4 Fans Signing Xbox One Petition

    They are called the 90%ers for a reason.:D
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    Robots One Step Closer To Killing Us All

    They haven't invented Mr. Fusion yet.