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    2 sodimm slots but can only use one stick of ram

    Well, to complicate matters even further it seems that the HP approved 8GB stick part number 820570-005 is impossible to search for on HP's own site because is a blank webpage in all browsers except Internet Explorer 11. Seriously?! What the heck?! Then this website wants to...
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    2 sodimm slots but can only use one stick of ram

    HP 14-dk1013dx its not branded as a particular model just the model number
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    2 sodimm slots but can only use one stick of ram

    I tried the original 4GB stick the laptop came with plus the 8GB stick I bought and the system managed to boot up once but it was crashing and unstable. So this means it must be able to support two sticks. I did notice that the original 4GB stick is single rank where the new sticks are dual...
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    2 sodimm slots but can only use one stick of ram

    I seem to have an unusual HP laptop but I'm not sure if something is broken or if this is just some weird crap that HP does. I just got two matching sticks of ram, 2x8GB 2400MHz 17-17-17-39 1.2V, xmp/docp is not necessary for these sticks. The board has two sodimm slots but it will only boot up...
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    More Windows 10 update fail

    I love how people complain about monthly Windows updates but never about the almost daily updates that Linux systems receive.
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    Energizer Smartphone has a 18,000 mAh Battery

    This is like walking up to Tim Cook's face and screaming "FUCK YOU!"
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    Huawei is Allegedly Stealing Technology from Apple Suppliers

    Am I the only one that is disturbed by the fact we source military goods from China? DoD spooks shut down a vote to change that, literally subverting democracy.
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    India Antitrust Commission is "Looking Into" Google Accusations

    That single fine could almost pay for a wall. Just thought that was interesting.
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    Texas Man Dies after Vape Pen Explosion Severs Artery to Brain

    Want to sell 10,000 batteries made by Huang Wang Ding Dong, only $2 per unit. Free shipping.
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    Specialized Processors are Seemingly Overtaking General Purpose Chips

    Nothing new here, GPUs are merely fancy math coprocessors.
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    The Anti-Cheat System Is Broken in Battlefield V

    These days there are mods to make games like this run in extremely low graphics mode, basically it makes the game look like Fortnite on a phone. That lets you see through things because those things aren't even there with the hack on.
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    The Anti-Cheat System Is Broken in Battlefield V

    I didn't get this game because EA are pushing rapid release schedules now. That means EA is going to abandon the game and not provide fixes. Activision does the same thing with COD. They rush to patch stuff right after launch then a short time later it's abandoned.
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    Nintendo "Could Shift Away from Home Consoles," Focus on Smartphone Games

    Nintendo finally admits they give up.
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    Google Shifted $23 Billion to Bermuda in 2017 as Part of Tax Avoidance Scheme

    Google executives along with many others should be sent to prison for a very long time.