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    Considering iMac 5k. Thoughts on heat/noise?

    Have had a 5K iMac since launch day. Absolutely love it. Zero issues. Very quiet.
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    What We Learned About SSDs In 2015

    I sold millions of dollars in AFAs last year. This guy is nuts. I can give you 200K+ IOPS at sub-ms latency with mixed workloads on most AFAs now. That covers 98%+ of work loads. No one cares if a read takes as long as a write when they are both at 300 micro seconds.
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    virtual machine on HP server using vmware goes dark to the network after period

    Let's say you connect to the console and then ping out from the VM. Can you then ping it and connect to it remotely?
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    Need 2TB SSD for IO intensive work

    Doesn't sound like an I/O problem to me.
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    Need 2TB SSD for IO intensive work

    How many IOPS do you really need?
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    New 2nd gen Amazon Fire TV with 4k support and Alexa built in

    Got a Roku 4 Saturday and like it. The HDCP 2.2 thing is annoying as I have to plug it in direct to my LG OLED instead of through my Onkyo Integra that does 4K, but not HDCP 2.2. But real happy with it.
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    Help deciding on new TV!

    Yes. I just got a 65EF9500 last week to replace a very good Panasonic Plasma and it's fantastic. Expensive but amazing.
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    New 4K and 5K iMacs

    No. It's priced like the fantastically engineered desktop system that it is. I have the first gen 5K that I got on launch day. It's an absolutely amazing system. No...I don't game. I'm the target user for a system like this.
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    learning the ropes for VM

    Network Engineers 5 years ago probably didn't care about VM/Hypervisor but the future ones sure will. The lines are blurring very rapidly. Learn the network stuff. Learn Python. Learn some hypervisor stuff (VMware and Microsoft to start). And read up on Software Defined...
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    Just going to leave this here...

    Let's be honest. Any of the true AFAs out there exceed probably 90% of customer workload I/O requirements. I try really hard to stay out of the "we flip bits this way, they flip bits that way" discussions. It's a waste of time these days. Go with the company, portfolio, and partner you trust...
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    2015 Macbook

    Just got a MacBook the other day to play with. Pretty amazed by this little system. Going to be really great to use when I travel. Can barely tell it's in my bag. Still getting used to the keyboard and that's odd when going back to my rMBP or iMac...but I love it.
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    Nutanix is Windows Server Hardware Certified

    One thing to keep in mind is that there is a lot of Gen 1 UCS gear out there. So if you're going to pull it out now is the time when things like FIs and chassis are up for renewals. VCE pricing has gotten better for sure...but the sales cycle with them can still be tough and it can still be...
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    IBM V9000 AFA & SQL workloads (I/O wait)

    Have to V9000s about to go in our lab for testing. They are fast but don't have very good data services. Are they faster than an AFA using SSDs? Maybe...but we're splitting microseconds here. Not something 99.99% of SQL databases would ever benefit from.
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    Gigabit Powerline

    I have a pair of 1.3Gb powerline adapters. My house was built in 1999. I get like 60Mb/sec between them. Fine for streaming to the HT but not overly pleased with it....
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    Nutanix is Windows Server Hardware Certified

    VSAN very well COULD be a no-brainer..if VMware would get their heads out of their asses. The cost of VSAN is too high. The new license models are helping but they are playing catchup. Customers don't care about in-kernel versus a distributed VSA type model. 98% of the time both will more...