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    Apple India factory of on probation for wanting better food and better conditions

    corporations are beholden to their shareholders and nobody else. Expecting Apple to do something that hurts it for the sake of humanity is like expecting someone to cut off their foot because you’ve asked nicely.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is real

    Given that the 3090 is going for a smidge under $4,000 in Canada I find it hard to care about a 3090ti.
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    Alphabet's Wing to pass 100,000 drone delivery milestone this week

    I'll wager you'll be facing some pretty insane lawsuits if you start shooting drones out of the sky. I'm not actually sure why you feel the need to destroy other people's property, sounds like you may have unresolved anger management issues.
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    Here is why Spacex's Starlink should work:

    Ordered this for the cottage. Pretty expensive but beats the hell out of xplorenet and using my data plan. they don’t have an eta on when they’ll ship my dish though....
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    Nintendo Switch “Pro” GPU to be Based on Volta Architecture; 4K Support, Massive Performance Improve

    I haven’t touched My Switch since December 2018. They came out big with BotW and Odyssey, which I loved, but they haven’t released anything that appealed to me in over 2 years.
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    EA Announces Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    Kills me that I just played through the original trilogy a few months ago. I'll probably end up picking it up anyway and maybe start a renegade femshep playthrough. This is what happens when you skip out on mocap and just try to hand animate everything.
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    Brace yourself for ray tracing in new games being AMD or Nvidia exclusive

    I’ll withhold judgement until I know for certain why RT is exclusive to AMD at the moment. but if this is paid exclusivity, it’s shady as fuck.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 8K gameplay video

    The real benefit of 8k gaming will be for VR. Don't know that I'll ever own an 8k tv unless it becomes the standard and there are no other options.
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    3080 Review Date and 3070 Release Date

    Can’t wait for the 3070. Thing looks like it’ll be a beast at a reasonable price.
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    Sharp's Colossal 120-Inch 120Hz 8K Display Is The Perfect Gaming Companion For GeForce RTX 3090

    It’ll be sick for the 0.001 percent of the population that can afford it. I question whether even the RTX 3090 will be able to drive a meaningful 8k gaming experience.
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    Sony Is Struggling With PlayStation 5 Price Due to Costly Parts

    Be interesting to see what Sony charges in Canada. MS went with 379 & 599 CAD, which is better than I thought, I wonder if Sony will match that. Margins on consoles have always been shit, the real money is made on the attachments and games.
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    Softbank Approaches TSMC and Foxconn for Potential ARM Buyout

    I don't see Uber making money until they can completely eliminate drivers and go whole hog into self-driving electric cars.
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    Avowed is Obsidian's new Skyrim-like RPG, check out the first trailer

    I don't know why but I have NEVER really loved playing anything by Obsidian.
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    GPU - diminishing returns reached

    Nvidia is what I assume we both meant lol.
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    Thanks to Apple Your next BMW Might Only Have Heated Seats for 3 Months

    This is why piracy still exists. The most insulting part of this is that you are literally paying to haul around equipment that you are not using. I think the difference is that SiriusXM is providing a service that has an ongoing cost to them. There are expenses related to transmitting...