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    [USED] Ultimate File Server - 24 Bay SuperMicro Opteron Servers w/24 Port RAID $299+

    I'm having a rough time installing windows home server 2011- taking over 8 hours and then it locks up. This motherboard it real picky on some setting have to load fail safe setting just to boot to install disk. Tried several times and can not get a clean install.
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    [USED] Ultimate File Server - 24 Bay SuperMicro Opteron Servers w/24 Port RAID $299+

    Is any one having a problem installing a OS- i sure take quite a long time to install windows home server 2011. How do you get the hard drive power activity LED's to work on the hard drive caddies?
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    [USED] Ultimate File Server - 24 Bay SuperMicro Opteron Servers w/24 Port RAID $299+

    Just got one of these-what a beast!! Wondering were everyone is buying tapered hard drive screws?
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    looking for someone to update my firmware .
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    power requirements

    Thanks for the info!
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    power requirements

    What are the power requirements to run 14 hard drives 910 are green drives and the rest are 7200rpm)on a low powered LE 1640 system with no cd drive and using built-in video 6150 chipset. I have a old Corsair HX 620 that I was planning on using.
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    WHS Perc 5i

    Rebuilding my home server and would like to know if I should use my perc 5i with a 6 disk seagate 2tb 5900rpm raid 5 array or just use them has 6 single drives? I already have 5 1.5tb in the pool.
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    OTA in Phoenix and recording it.

    The reason rabbit ears are receiving a stronger signal is when the digital switch over started-several of the TV stations switched from UHF to broadcasting in VHF.
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    VBox Cat's Eye 150 & Vista

    I have a Cat Eye 150 on my HTPC and it installed without any problems!
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    Video card

    I was just wondering if I should upgrade my present video card to something newer-the card I have now is a PNY 8600GT 256mb.
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    Video in Vista Media Center

    I just installed the K-lite x64 codec pack and got my mkv to work in mce!
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    HOT?? E2180 Boxed + ECS 945GCT-M/1333 @ Frys for $78.99

    Got one the other day! E2200 and noticed that there are no is no way to OC in the bios! So I did the bsel mod and slapped her in and booted right up 2926mhz@266mhz-p95 for 24hrs no errors! Vcore runs from 1.1v-1.25. Speedstep is pretty neat-idle @ 1500mhz and then jumps up to full speed when you...
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    Logitech DiNovo Keyboard

    Anyone willing to sell me one for $75shipped!
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    Home network

    Thanks ! Was using the WAN and not the lan to set-up. All is well!
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    Home network

    I've just added a wireless network to my home network. I have a DL-604 router and I have the DL-624 wireless plugged into the DL-604 lan port. I changed the IP of the DL-624 to and left the DL-604 @ The problem I'm having is getting port forward to work on the wireless...