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    290x or gtx 970?

    I actually just returned my GTX 970 from newegg for a full refund. I'm back to my old 6870 and I think I'm going to wait it out till March-April or whenever the R9 390 comes out. Or if I could find a cheap GTX 980 that would be nice too. So I'd say wait a little bit if you can I guess.
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    When should i replace my i5 2500K

    Just like many of the other users have mentioned. Just keep your 2500k. If you have it overclocked that is even better. There is pretty much little difference between the 2500k and even the newer haswell processors. Some games may act a bit differently between the 2, but for the most part it'll...
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    GTX 980 & GTX 970 Availability Thread

    it's like they include the 5 dollar giftcard so i cant take 10% off using visa checkout. : < (
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    Which 970 Are You Buying?

    I personally went with the frozr 970 from newegg. I wanted the G1, but it was roughly 30 bucks more. I think the MSI one will suffice for 30 bucks less. I read up on that semi-passive cooling as well and it sounds like it would really work out since I like my PC fairly quiet as well. Just wished...
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    Nvidia 980/970 Availability Thread

    I guess newegg has the frozr gtx 970 back. I just ordered one for myself. Will probably sell my GTX 760 to offset some of the cost.
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    Is a 2500k @ 4.2ghz enough for GTX 680 SLI?

    Yup, you should be good with a 2500k even though its a little old. I'm running mine at stock with my GTX 760 no problem. Later on I plan on running with the maxwell equivalent of a GTX 770 whenever they come out, maybe then I will bump up my 2500k a bit more.
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    amazon/crucial ballistic 16 GB 4x4

    I just received an email from amazon saying mine will probably be arriving april 4th as well. I previously only had 8GB of ram and saw this amazing deal for 16GB dunno what I'm gonna do with all this extra ram since I never used maybe over 4-5GB at a time.
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    Worth it to upgrade to 770?

    I've actually had crossfire 6870's then I sold one for cheap for my friend. I ended up keeping one as a backup and got a windforce 760 instead. It was well worth the upgrade for me in my opinion, especially in terms of stability (crossfire issues/stutters/whatnot) and in performance (got a big...
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    GPU debate! - 760 - 670 vs 7870 - r9 270/x - MSI or EVGA - Asus, SAPh, XFX, PCooler?

    I would go ahead and get a 760 it may or may not be 5% slower than the 670 especially at the ~$200-$250 price point. There really isn't a noticeable difference between the two to be honest and it runs nice fast and cool. I have the Windforce rev 2 variant and runs like a champ. I'd suggest...
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    DayZ $29.99

    Just bought it and played for roughly 3 and a half hours with some friends. After like a year and a half of playing the Arma 2 DayZ it literally feels exactly the same. In some ways the game feels sort of downgraded obviously because it's in alpha. Like I'm not sure how to check health or hunger...
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    New Video Card Buyers Help

    Honestly what I'm probably going to do is just get one 290 with an aftermarket cooler either twin frozr or windforce maybe DC2. Then get a second one down the line. It's like you said 290x has similar performance but costs a decent amount more. 780 is the slowest out of the 4 (not by that much...
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    Xbox One Launch Day

    I don't understand. If you don't want it why not just cancel it. I might cancel mine on Amazon because I got in on the Amazon GTX 780 deal. Same with my PS4 preorder
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    *DEAD* eVGA GTX 780 Superclocked $360 at Amazon

    You don't choose it'll just connect you to someone random, I find that anytime past after maybe 3-4pm all the American CSR's are off duty and then the Indian CSR's take over. Everytime I've talked to CSR which was at roughly 7pm 5pm and 11pm It was usually some Indian dude (again not to be rude...
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    *DEAD* eVGA GTX 780 Superclocked $360 at Amazon

    Yup, basically I talked to a nice CSR guy for a good 30 minutes and promptly and politely shot down his $10 promo credit near the end when he told me that's all he could do. I asked that I talk to his supervisor which took roughly 45 minutes to connect me to. He was a very nice guy though...
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    2000 to 13000 Free Riot Points for purchasing a Prepaid AMEX debit card

    Yeah I actually just did it now, saw it under settings and just canceled the account. Is that all I need to do? Yeah, what I did was actually spend the rest on a custom amount via a Amazon gift card. Then proceed to just cancel the account online. I do like my novelty teemo card which I will...