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  • I don't advertise my projects locally. I've been doing what I call "abstract plumbing" for many years now. so when I hit the big box stores I rarely need any help unless it's to find something that doesn't exist....or is right in front of my face.

    I too like "Bang-for-Buck". Things looking pretty is nice, but I'm generally not willing to pay out the nose for it. And, again, I don't advertise my projects locally, so nobody really sees them, except online.

    Hopefully for your sake...you don't live anywhere around here....:rolleyes:
    I've got a feeling it just might be possible we live in the same town. My local Lowe's mentioned someone else who had built a system like yours. And at least we share a common sense about economics. Though I may be a bit more of a fashion aficionado. Too a certain extent, I like things to look somewhat pretty. But still on the cheap.

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