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    Visual and Performance issues after 4 different PC builds with different parts over 4 months (Need Help!)

    Buy this off Amazon from Amazon, try it to see if it works:Simulated Sine-wave ups. Yes, pay the 10 more for the one in the link being on sale. Hook only your tower(keyboard/mouse) and monitor. Do not hook up any other accessories, if you don't have issues add one thing at a time and test in...
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    NAS Plex Server OS so easy a Sponge can do it?

    I'm suggesting unraid also, I had my server on xpenology which is the etymology is wedged ghetto style in your own hardware. It was awesome until fighting with updates,as its not made for the specific hardware the security updates would break it and your would have to get the newest boot loader...
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Damn sorry to see its still a shit storm. Had my head down working my new jobs and decided to look into this again.
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    78x RTX 3080 rig for crypto-mining. oh boy.

    Office Depot actually gave people PNY's direct order number when they flooded cancellations. With those looking like the PNY/Gainward/Palit cards that's probably where these were sourced from.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Player Discussion Thread

    I'm seeing this game is sensitive to systems that are oc'd and not really stable. If you are experiencing crashes remove all OC's first then verify files and see if there is an improvement.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Player Discussion Thread

    Played an hour last night before I had to force myself to go to bed because of work in the morning. Woke up early to put another hour in and as you should see I'm enjoying the game. Not one issue as of yet and I'm picking over everything I see. With how many people I've been able to talk to even...
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    So what was the fallout for today's launch? I saw the reviews and really have to say just buy a used 2080 super or if new ones drop even to the same $400 price. The MSRP that most of these never hit isnt worth it to me even saving a little power.
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    New feature to calculate 'productivity scores' turns Microsoft 365 into an full-fledged workplace surveillance tool

    My company made something similar in house and have used it to justify reductions in force. Well I was hit with one last Monday and during the meeting they raved about my reviews but my production has been low the last 90 days(the clients I design for were closed so I was helping others but it...
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    FS: I7-8700 sold

    As the title says, I7-8700 non-k for sale. Upgraded a few systems in the house and this is the odd part out. So I'm putting it up for sale. $175 shipped in the continental us. Just signed up for Heatware, but I've old on eBay under Shomi79 for Years.
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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    The links were up just before 5am. Power color if you are relying on the search it wi only show whenever they are in stock. The links by people with better amazon skills than I have been available.
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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    On vacation in Mexico and Amazon charge is denied as my bank thinks its fraud... Guess ill have to wait until I get home.
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    Is any sense to wait for 10900K on stock if i can buy 10700K?

    I've been enjoying my 10850k the last couple days and it is every bit as fast as the 10900k. Is there a reason you aren't looking at this? I'm able to do all core at 5.1 with a single fan NH-u12s.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Yeah, the investment costs are too high and they have their sights on the Radeon cards along with 3080 cards for now. Profits they are reaping doesn't make the 3090 a worthwhile risk. I just plan on the fight getting a couple 6800's being just as bad.
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    I wanted to be able to buy a 3080 and a 3090 it didn't happen, my other two machines already were set aside for AMD. Them releasing the ti version after not having availability lost them more of my money. Would I have bought a ti and a 3090 my history shows most likely. I have more than enough...
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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master won't power on - (temporary) solution

    I have one z370 bastard board from Gigabyte thats been super solid. I was using it for my work system and its never failed me. It's a bastard board because it was one of like 2 options at the time that supported 8th gen and a PCI slot for a proprietary document scanner my company had a contract...