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    Bitcoin all time high

    BItcoin will become the worlds reserve standard and currencies of the world will become a thing of the past. The USD(BANKER PONZI MONEY) will crash. Checkmate
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    How to bypass CGNAT using a VPN to access my web server.

    I setup a webserver but my ISP blocks port forwarding because I am using mobile internet. The ISP is CGNAT. I need port 80 open I heard if i setup or use a VPN server i can link it to my webserver then my website will be visible to anyone? How exactly does this work? Where is the VPN located...
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    Mini pcie card to ethernet not working boot loop

    I received my new half mini pcie to ethernet card. I installed it and it works! Good news. I can't remember why i picked the one i did as i ordered it a long time ago and i did my research a long time ago. But from what i can remember i think i bought it because it has a RTL8111H and i...
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    Mini pcie card to ethernet not working boot loop

    I never got it working. Like the guy above said. I was reading online that it was an HP problem. Someone mentioned another brand might work with a special kind of intel chip or realtek chip I ended up ordering a different chip type to see if it working but expecting it not to work. Ill post...
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    Mini pcie card to ethernet not working boot loop

    Is there specifc HP mini-pcie etherner cards for HP only? I can't seem to find any info online Im going to try the card in a non-HP desktop i hace lying around to verify that it's not the cards itself. But i have 4 of them and all 4 of them do that So it's HP the problem?
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    Upgrading processor. does code name and socket type matter?

    I need to upgrade my old CPU which has a socket of FCLGA1155 and it's a sandy bridge. The processor is Pentium Processor G640 Is that all i really need in order to upgrade? Will all FCLGA1155 socket types fit my motherboard? even if the code name doesn't match I looked online and i found a...
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    Mini pcie card to ethernet not working boot loop

    I have a couple of them, so i tried them both on linux mint and windows 7, but i cant get past the post message on both
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    Mini pcie card to ethernet not working boot loop

    I wanted to add a second Ethernet port of my computer so i bought a mini pcie card to ethernet I installed it, and when i boot the computer I see the post message then it goes black and boots up again and i see the post message, it just keeps doing that, a boot loop if i take out the card, it...
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    What is this slot? msata, m.2 ssd? toughbook CF-31W

    I bought a cf-31 on an auction online, and i was looking around inside of it and i found a port which seems to look like either a wireless card or for a half size msata it already has a wifi card, so i dont see why it would have 2 slots for wireless card but i tried a big msata from my...
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    Can i put 2 severs/websites on 1 static ip?

    My isp only gives me 1 static ip and i have 2 servers, i put a switch after my modem then connected 2 cables to my servers is this possible? or would i need a router in front? i want to skip the router this is my setup
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    How to setup vlans Netgear

    I'm trying to setup 2 vlans. I got the router working but i have no idea how to setup vlans using a NetGear device. Netgear uses the words like untagged and tagged and PVID This is how my setup looks so far How do i setup those 3 ports on the switch? Do i tagged them, or untagged them and...
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    what do you do with old video cards

    i got rid of a couple things once in the past and i regretted it because i was working on a project and i needed an old part, that exact thing i got rid of since then, i always keep all my old electronics, i got boxes full of old stuff i feel sad ever since i got rid of those, don't throw...
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    Will Intel bring the 10–Core Comet Lake CPU to Laptops?

    i haven't used my laptop in years, i dont even bring it with me anymore when i travel mobiles are killing the laptop industry
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    Youtube plans to join the ad extortion bandwagon...

    i haven't seen an ad in many many years, i use an ad block extension on youtube i dont even have a youtube google account so they can't even ban my account i always donate to ad block every several months, i started using it since youtube started bombarding us with way to many ads, that...
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    How to know if display port, dvi, vga adapter is active or active

    I am looking to purchase a couple of adapters, displayport to dvi displayport to vga but i need active adapters and not passive how can i know if they are active or passive?