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    I need a program to adjust contrast/color on my laptop

    The contrast and brightness need to be adjusted. I'm using a Dell 700m with the Intel Extreme 2 graphics controller.
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    3rd party program to check if my vid card is working correctly/temp

    Hi guys. I'm getting some slowdown on counter-strike. We're talking dipping into the 30s and i'm running a 6800gt. Obviously this shouldn't be happening. Does anyone know a program that i can use to see if its getting to hot and slowing the core down? I've tried the one Nvidia says to use but...
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    Why are most of my games doing this?

    alrighty i'll try that soon. i moved the computer from my home to my house here @ college so maybe i shook something loose there, i dunno its wierd. The heatsink is getting pretty hot on the lowest fan setting so i feel like its transferring heat decently. I'll try and reseat it though
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    Why are most of my games doing this?

    I took off the side of the case and turned the fan up all the way and then ran AoE III. It started out looking ok but as i started to play random textures would flicker. Then i went back to the main menu and it flickered a lot too. Does this sound like somehow the memory got messed up? I'm...
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    Why are most of my games doing this? There is a picture of the main menu in Age of Empires III. The card hasn't ever been overclocked or anything. I put an aftermarket cooler on it but that's been on it for about a year. It doesn't do this in counterstrike but i couldn't even...
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    Why isn't my mousemovement smooth?

    Also, i never had this problem until recently. I used the mouse for about 6 months without this issue.
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    Why isn't my mousemovement smooth?

    My desk is glass, it won't work.
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    Why isn't my mousemovement smooth?

    Anything other than a Ratzpad? I haven't heard the best things about those.
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    Why isn't my mousemovement smooth?

    is there a large plastic mousepad you guys would recommend?
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    Why isn't my mousemovement smooth?

    Where can i find 'enhance pointer precision'? I tried using the mouse on my bookshelf, which feels sort of like a ratzpad, and it worked beautifully. Why isn't it working the same on my fabric mousepad?
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    Why isn't my mousemovement smooth?

    I'm using an MX Revolution on a relatively low sensitivity and no mouse accel. My problem is that whenever i move the mouse around I'm not really getting smooth movement in a straight line. Here is an example of me trying to draw a diagonal line...
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    Ubuntu 7.04 and widescreens

    Didn't pick up the widescreen resolution on my friends 700m right out of the box. It was an easy fix though and is working now.
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    Joost invitation?

    sent you a PM^^^
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    WOOT OFF!!!!

    you're in line, if a woot becomes available. we're basically sold out, but if someone ahead of you gets denied, we'll sell it to whoever's in line. What's going on here? It looks like we're out of stock. People ahead of you in line are getting their orders processed. If some of them get denied...