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    lefties... the switch yes /no /maybe?

    I write with my left hand but do everything else with my right hand.
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    Diablo 3: Skip hardware check

    So you read the specs and nothing before it, right?
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    What mice are you guys using?

    I'm using a G500 which I don't really like, before it I had a G5 which I much preferred.
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    Awful tracking with my G500.

    I currently use a func 1030 Archtype which is a fantastic pad, I've had it for about 6 years and one side is completely worn down LOL. I dunno, I really love the design on the QCK which is honestly the only reason I bought it, this func pad will easily last another couple of years. The one thing...
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    Awful tracking with my G500.

    So my G5 died awhile ago and I was given a G500 as a replacement, even though I really didn't like it that much it worked just fine up until today. I'm a big Diablo fan so I bought myself the new Steelseries QCK Barbarian cloth pad which looks great and is huge but there's one problem, the...
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    Diablo 3 beta confirmed for September

    I'm aware of that fact, but I'm also willing to bet my house there will be a much larger number of people actually buying items now that it's offered by Blizzard.
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    Space Marine Demo Aug 23rd

    It's really fun, that's for sure, especially if you're a fan of the Warhammer universe. A big problem I have is the multiplayer, there will be no gore and although unconfirmed it'll most likely be P2P servers. I will still buy it though as I'm a big fan of Warhammer and the actual game plays...
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    Diablo 3 beta confirmed for September

    Can't wait to try the beta, but I'm really not sold on this real money AH bullshit. I know the first time I see some 12 year old kid decked in the best armor thanks to his Dad's credit card I'm going to sigh, and then cringe.
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    Official: Diablo 3 is Coming!

    I've been falling out of the gaming scene for awhile now, nothing has been keeping my attention but if anything can bring me back to the promised land it's Diablo 3. Crossing my fingers and toes for a beta key.
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    WoW: Cataclsym, anyone else bored and not feeling it ?

    I never made it to Cataclysm. I started playing WoW on day 1 and I played at a high level for a good 5 years before calling it a day when my guild of 3 years disbanded. I hadn't enjoyed the game for about a year but I stayed for the guild and the social aspect but without a guild there was no...
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    Mortal Kombat (2011)

    Completed story mode, ladder mode on expert and I'm about 100/300 in the challenge tower and at this point all I want to do is take Kabal online, but alas, the PSN is still down. I'd get it for the X360 but I'd need a proper controller and my live account is currently silver, it would cost about...
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    Sony Bravia 40" 100Hz, 1080p Internet TV 160GB PS3 slim 120GB Xbox 360 Elite Sky+ HD box Creative 7.1 speakers
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    PvP gear: PvE gear:
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    Gaming build, need advise.

    Thanks for the help so far, it's going to give me allot to think about.
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    Gaming build, need advise.

    One thing I forgot, I bought this Hiper HPU-4M580 580W ATX2.2 PSU not so long ago, with this be fine for my needs?