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    Triple monitor desk recomendations

    I have three one 21" is at the very edge and I got one of those pole mounts for the other 24" one and the middle is 27" fills the desk but it works you could get one of those pole mount dual monitor setups and attach that way would free up space on the desk
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    New here on this forum but I hope someone can help.

    Oh didnt notice you post count, either way I'm sure she will like it has to be night and day over the fire setup
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    Dell XPS 8700 Side intake massive positive pressure case cooling solution

    what cpu fan setup is that thing is massive
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    1080 ti Asus poseidon starting at 1 penny

    That and its only the box who know what he did to that card
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    New here on this forum but I hope someone can help.

    +1 for iPad Pro and Apple pencil I have this setup is pretty close to pan and paper, I think there's an iPad pro in the for sale section pretty reasonably right now
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    Borderlands 3 others leaked

    I found MadMax to be too much for a Batman Arkham clone game it was almost the same gameplay with different skins and more car time really felt phoned in by Avalanche
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    GPU Rig Cooling help - noob

    If you have some extra cash I put kraken brackets on mine and found some cheap cpu water coolers and it works great
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    There must be something that does this with Pi?

    This sounds interesting you could use the third sensor for spa temp Arduino seems like it would be a minimal footprint solution
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    Sega Saturn Development Kit Console Japan *BOXED

    Yeah I guess I can see that I am still holding on to my Apple camera paperweight lol
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    Sega Saturn Development Kit Console Japan *BOXED

    Still seams like a lot for something that doesn’t do much
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    Sega Saturn Development Kit Console Japan *BOXED

    Someone needs to buy this and start making Saturn games again
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    STEAL!? not!

    Wow I never thought about that one that's quite a process to screw someone over
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    Anet A8 Frame

    Have any of you guys with the Anet A8 swapped out the acrylic frame for one of the wood or metal ones that are online was curious if it makes that much difference as I hear that acrylic one is pretty fragile
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    Translation App

    I used to use babelfish not sure if its any good anymore, word lens is pretty cool on iphone