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    Can't finalize CD-RW

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    YEA!!!! finally got my new 9300 in!!!! couple questions to fellow owners!!!

    Don't forget to burn yourself a copy of the restore info....or at least Ghost the hard drive. If the seller said the machine came with 2 batteries then that means you should have an extra pack with it. These newer Laptops won't take dual batteries (not that they really need duals)
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    Question on memory upgrade

    DDR2 like DDR 1 doesn't have to be installed in pairs, in fact, when you do install in pairs for dual channel the modules don't have to be exactly the same. You do need the same bus speed, but that's about it....even then you may not even need the same bus speed. The whole dual pack thing is...
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    So it doesn't work as well as I first thought...

    Alright, I know I stated in the FAQ that you can upgrade your Laptop's optical drive. There's one other thing I should add. I recently purchased a DVD RW drive from newegg with the intent of installing it in the fixed optical bay of my Inspiron 8200/C840.....Well, I got the Dell bracket...
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    lets get BF2 Wide!

    Actually, BF2 patch 1.03 added 1280x1024 resolution. The initial release didn't support that res and you had to add a command line switch to the Shortcut in order to run it.
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    The Ultimate Best Buy rip off story

    Actually, back when I worked for Best Buy, the in-store setup was free no matter if you bought the shitty PSP or not. We did it for all computers. In fact, Black Friday '03 we went through all of the cheapy desktops and started them up got to a desktop and reboxed them. I think this is an...
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    I-8500 vid card dying?

    Sounds more like the LCD cable getting weak at the flex joint than anything else. Dell seems to have an issue with these now and again. This usually crops up if the Laptop's never had a screen replaced in it. All the notebooks I've replaced screens on have never had this problem again once I...
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    Emachines M6805, is good NB?

    Not a bad deal for $850 US. overall they've been pretty good laptops, aside from the hinges cracking (which was a known issue with Arima/eMachines).
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    Is this laptop dead?

    yep, putting the WRONG AC Adapter on the machine would fry the motherboard first thing, it might even take other components with it.
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    BF2 questions before I get it

    If you think that BF2's tanks are too powerful, then you shouldn't buy the game. A good squad can take down tanks and APCs quite handily, I almost always play Spec Ops and usually get the AT kit in my group to start shooting at the enemy armor. All the while I creep up from behind or the side...
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    Is this laptop dead?

    Sounds like a motherboard to me. Unlike the 8000-8200 series Laptops, none of Dell's newer models have a DC power Daughtercard. Alot of times a no POST on those models can be fixed by buying a new DC Power Board ($25 off eBay.) Try booting it off the Proper AC Adapter without the battery, if...
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    Does Anyone Know What the Response Time is on the Inspiron 8600?

    Usually LCD response time isn't advertised on Laptops because you're stuck with whatever the OEM puts in there (that and response time isn't a huge determining factor in the purchase of a Laptop). HOWEVER, I have noticed that most Laptop LCDs look slightly better than Desktop LCDs in terms of...
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    Intel Employee program bundle announced

    Well, I got in on the deal 2 years ago cuz I worked at Best Buy, took them 2 months from the time I ordered till I received it. I was not in the 10k club I know that. Intel pretty much ships out to everyone that has a code no matter how long it takes. This year a friend of mine let me have...
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    BF 1.03 Patch doesnt PATCH

    Damn you, where were you when 2 hours ago? I had already installed the game :p Love the changes. I had such a high global score I got 3 unlocks so now I'm a staff sergeant.
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    BF 1.03 Patch doesnt PATCH

    Has anyone noticed that this patch makes no effort to detect where your install of BF2 is nor let you tell the patch where to patch? I bet that those of you that install to default directory don't have problems, but those of us that changed the install path are going to be in for an interesting...