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  1. M BOINC fun and interesting for all involved.

    It's too bad Deleted member 88227 isn't on these forums to add his 2 cents to this thread.... (that was Skillz ID here) I don't remember what he did to get the boot but cheers to him for taking the initiative to try to make something better. Hope it delivers. I may shit talk on Skillz from...
  2. M BOINC fun and interesting for all involved.

    Other than the lack of feedback by the admin and random Python errors on sprint starts my biggest issues with FB were that there was just too many sprints. I felt it was nonstop but since it was mixture of marathon and sprint... missing a sprint could really hurt the standings I hope we stick...
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    Nomination: DC'er of the Month: June 2022

    Grats to AgrFan
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    100 Million Point Challenge

    SR Base to 100m makes my 9th and ties me for 2nd again
  5. M BOINC fun and interesting for all involved.

    I hope it goes well. Seems like most of the pieces are coming into play.
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    Crypto Miners, Not Gamers, Were The Primary Buyers of Graphics Cards Since 2021, Almost $15 Billion Worth of GPU Sales Reported

    You are not factoring in the asics which go towards the hashrate totals. I dont know what the % on that would be though.
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    I can't figure out this 3 display configuration problem at work. 4K display only showing as 1080p.

    Since you said you tried the 4k by itself its not a multi monitor problem. I would try the 4k m9nitor on a different pc and see if it also has the issue. That would rule out a lot of posibilities
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    Does anyone know if a KVM switch will work if I already have a second device (projector) connected to my pc video card ?

    If you do want your kvm to handle video duties then ones that support high bandwidth hdmi or DP get pretty pricey. Especially so if you want greater than 60hz. I dont think having a projector connected to your gpu would matter as long as the video output from gpu to kvm was the primary output...
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    Does anyone know if a KVM switch will work if I already have a second device (projector) connected to my pc video card ?

    You can get one of those older kvms that are vga+ dual usb and just use the kvm to switch your kb and mouse. This assumes your monitor has the ports to connect to both rigs. I uses this one for 4 rigs to share kb n mouse. They make 2 port ones as well for cheap. You just switxh tje kvm and...
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    World Community Grid

    Lol yeah sounds like a deal breaker.
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    Herman Miller Embody

    Yeah i kind of wish i had gone Aeron. My last chair was mesh staples hykin . I miss the headrest and i dont feel as comfortable sitting in a fabric seat. Stability and comfort is way better vs staples chair (which fell apart in 3 years)
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    Herman Miller Embody

    It creaks. The padding on the arm rests could be better. If i grab the chair by the arm to move it it often moves the arm in or out. When trying to adjust arms in or out it often goes farther than i want and i have to go back and then it goes too far back... annoying but not a dealbreaker.
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    Herman Miller Embody

    The logitech version does have some wxtra cushion vs stand version. I have had mine 6 months now. Chair os not perfect but my back pain has improved
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    World Community Grid

    Couple people here are. I am