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    Windows 11 Will Soon Block All Default Browser Workarounds

    I finally said fuck Microdogshit. About 6 months ago I built a new gaming system. I'm using Linux Mint, and it works great, both games and browers. Even Linus Tech Tips is now using Linux for his daily driver.
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    Hitler finds out his PC can't run Windows 11

    Holy shit this is funny as hell. Ya screw Microshit, just get Linux. Linux gaming support is great right now. I recently switched to Linux Mint, and its easy to use, and I can play all my steam games on it.
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    Diablo II Resurrected: Offical Thread

    Oh man so many cool memories with D2. It was my favorite game for such a long time. And everybody here that played it at launch are oldschoolers like me. Man it sucks getting old. I can't believe how many people still play D2 like some streamers. But unless you experienced the game at launch...
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    Need help installing AMD drivers

    Ok thanks for all the great helpful info on this. I will get the kernal updated.
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    Need help installing AMD drivers

    Ok here is the kernal versioin I have, do I still need to upgrade? I don't know how to upgrade the kernel. That driver command didn't work. michael@MINT-DESKTOP:~$ modinfo $DRIVER modinfo: ERROR: missing module or filename. michael@MINT-DESKTOP:~$ lspci -nk 00:00.0 0600: 8086:4c53 (rev 01)...
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    Need help installing AMD drivers

    Ok thanks toast0 that was it. I renamed the directory and the install scrip ran!! I know the default drivers were working just fine, I just wanted to be on the latest updated drivers for performance increases. Another question, is there a command to tell which driver version is running? Is...
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    Need help installing AMD drivers

    Hello, I recently moved from windows on my new pc gaming build. I was able to find a gpu near msrp on stock x for $600. I just received it, its an AMD 6700XT. I am having problems installing the drivers. I downloaded the package from AMD's site. Unzipped the archive and from that directory. I...
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    How Bad is Comcast in 2021?

    I have Comcast internet. 250mb service. Thats all I need right now. My service has been rock solid for several years. Up until now, I recently had problems with internet always going down. The stupid cable modem was the issue, and I had it replaced. Things are better now, but now I'm gonna just...
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    Why is Microcenter scalping people.

    Newegg is absolutely horrible right now. Their prices are insane right now. I have been buying from Newegg for like 10 years now. I will NEVER ever buy anything from newegg now. Corporate America is filled with not only Greedy assholes, but they treat all their employees, especially IT workers...
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    Why is Microcenter scalping people.

    I just sent a complaint to Powercolor for their prices at Microcenter. I suggest you all do the same too. I have purchased several products from Powercolor and I will NEVER ever in my life buy anything from Powercolor. The scalping needs to stop. Its everywhere now, ebay AiO's retailers, they...
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    Why is Microcenter scalping people.

    Geeezus man, my local Microcenter in Denver is scalping too. They are selling an AMD 6700XT for $999. Amazon has them for $1200. I just found one of these on Stock...
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    Oh Snap, Won Newegg Shuffle....To Buy or not to buy

    Thats a goddamn bullshit price. And that card is not even worth it, it performs the same as the 3080. Everybody in video card industry is completely wacked out of their minds! Everyone is a scalper. The crypto madness is starting to ease a bit, and cards should be starting getting lower prices.
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    Windows 11 May Not Run on Early Ryzen, Threadripper, Skylake-X, or Any Pre-2016 Intel PC

    I recently jumped ship from Windows, when I was having USB disconnect issues on my new build. I am now running Linux MINT on my new gaming PC. There are lots of games to play, except newly released games not made for linux. But I have an xbox series x for those games. Honestly wiith so many...
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    USB disconnection issues on Windows 10.

    I tried everything to get it to work. I have the latest BIOS for my mobo. I disabled USB power off on the USB root hub settings. I installed the latest chipset drivers. Playing games on linux is just fine, there are lots of games that run on linux, no complains here. If I want to play one of...
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    USB disconnection issues on Windows 10.

    Yes I did. I formatted and installed 3 different times. Also the mouse and keyboard worked fine during install. As soon as Windows update started, I rebooted and USB issues came back. I have been running linux with no USB issues. I will setup an Oracle VM with Windows 10 and see how things...