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    options to add motherboard slots

    Nice find. You can try your luck with bifurcation riser cards and this tool.
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    13600K HDMI audio?

    You can buy a device like the HDFury 8K Arcana or 8K VRROOM. It takes a single input from the GPU and splits the audio off to the AVR while retaining full 4K 120 Hz VRR to the display.
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    options to add motherboard slots

    The Zen 4 desktop CPUs don't support bifurcation on any existing motherboard. You can split the first x16 lanes from the CPU into two physical x8 / x8 slots, but you can't split the second physical x8 slot into x4 / x4 to add say two NVMe drives. You have to use a PCIe adapter for whatever...
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    Running a program that requires admin rights at startup (Coretemp)

    There's no benefit to using a non-admin account. Everything runs with standard account privileges unless you approve the UAC prompt. If your account is non-Admin, the UAC prompt asks for an admin username and password. An admin account does not display any less UAC prompts than a standard...
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    7950x temperatures

    I had to increase the power and current limits on my 7950X before it hit 95 C. Out of the box it was power limited. Prime95 SSE hits 5.4 GHz all-core. Prime95 AVX hits 4.9 GHz all-core. Any kind of undervolting or negative curve optimizer results in crashing at idle so I left the voltage at stock.
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    Should you pay considerably more for High end Motherboards

    Overclocking is also increasing power limits and boost settings even if you don't increase the peak clock speed. That still provides a performance boost without requiring stability testing. You need a high-end board for that.
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    Should you pay considerably more for High end Motherboards

    There is absolutely a difference even in stock turbo boosting capability. Just setting the power limit to 200 W allows a Ryzen 7950X to boost to 5.4 GHz all-core which you cannot do on a board with a weaker power stage.
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    Should you pay considerably more for High end Motherboards

    Today, expensive high-end boards are typically loaded with useless features and add-on cards. A true high end board like the EVGA X299 DARK could be had for < $300. Quality and OC wise, it was the best of the best. Older no-nonsense high-end boards like the Rampage IV Formula were also in that...
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    Intel shows off Granet Rapids at Taipei Intel Innovation Event

    The leaked Sapphire Rapids SKUs show `X` models which are likely unlocked like the old Xeon W-3175X. The new Xeon W5-3435X is a 16-core model and would be a great HEDT part even if it doesn't have the full 80 PCIe lanes. AMD did the same thing with with the DIY market Zen 3 Threadripper PRO...
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    Optane 905P - Still Worth it as an OS Drive?

    I too upgraded from an Optane 900p 280 GB to an Optane DC P5800X 800 GB. Unfortunately the real-world performance of the P5800X in games and on the desktop is identical to Phison E18 PCIe 4.0 drives like the FireCuda 530 and Corsair MP600 XT. The 900p destroyed my old Samsung 950 Pro in...
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    So if video card prices stay elevated for years, then what happens?

    Play through your backlog of games and appreciate the classics which will take a couple of years. For the first time in console history, PS5 and XSX games are 85% as good as my 5-figure priced PC with an RTX 3090, while costing 1/20th the price. The only games which are unplayable are FPS...
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    LG 48CX

    The PA32UCG does support Dolby Vision input over HDMI.
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    LG 48CX

    Yeah, I also randomly found a 3090 in stock at Best Buy at MSRP soon after it launched and casually checked out! Now they are never in stock even if you use alerts. At the time I thought the price was insane over the 3080 but now it's the best purchase I made in the last 1.5 years.
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    LG 48CX

    Refresh rate increases smoothness independent of pixel response time. I use a G1 OLED as my primary desktop monitor. My 240 Hz TN monitor is way smoother than my G1 when just moving the cursor on the desktop. There is definitely more smearing between frames on the 240 Hz, but there are more...
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    LG 48CX

    The Sony has a better motion interpolation algorithm. It is generating frames in-between, instead of holding a single 24 fps frame for 5 frames. That's all it is. If you crank the slider up to 10 you get the so called soap opera effect with maximum smoothness.